• Diverse Connectivity, Signal Adjustment and Routing
    Eight Mic/Line inputs on 5-pin Euroblock connectors and XLR/TRS combination connectors, each with Low and Hi frequency equalization, individual trim control, and post-trim input level LED, and four auxiliary inputs on dual unbalanced RCA connectors are assignable to the main mix, Zone 2, and/or MOH .
  • Flexible Signal Routing
    Inputs 1-8 have flexible “per input” controls for switchable Mic/Line, Phantom power, Main Mix and/or Zone 2 output, Mute Send/RCV, Remote Volume Control, Chime, and Auto-mixing. A Master 9-pole dip switch controls routing of individual aux inputs to MOH, the internal chime tone to the main mix and/or Zone 2/MOH output connector, controls the master mode function, auto-mixing, and routes the selected aux input source to the Main and/or Zone 2/MOH mix bus.
  • Versatile Dedicated Input
    Dedicated paging input connector allows the unit to interface with a microphone or telephone system to broadcast handset pages with chime warnings over attached speakers, or routed to an attached music source to a music on hold system . The Page input has switchable Mic/Line and Phantom power, Main Mix and/or Zone 2 assignment, voice activated and manual chime activation, muting of inputs 1-8 and/or aux inputs during page, with adjustable paging input gain, page/main mix separation, and chime volume control.
  • Multiple Output Options
    Main mix output on a 3-pin Euroblock connector is switchable between Mic and Line level. Zone 2 and MOH assignable output with independent gain control allows for connection to a telephone system’s “music on hold” input and sends a uniquely assigned line level mix to a second amplified zone.
  • Unique Front Panel Design
    Front panel features input level controls, Lo and Hi frequency main mix equalization controls, Lo and Hi frequency Aux input equalization controls, Aux input gain control, and Zone 2 volume control all with insertable pins for ultimate sound adjustment, covered by a uniquely designed opaque drop down door.
  • Diverse User Control and Monitoring
    Front panel auto-dimming control illumination, dual channel VU meter, positive pressure power switch, a dual-function indicator ring surrounding the master volume control, and four momentary, non latching front panel buttons select which of the four rear-panel aux inputs is active and feeding the main mix bus at any given time.
  • Full-Featured Remote Connectivity and Control
    Wired remote volume, power control, and Aux channel selection on a 5-pin Euroblock connector, which allows for gain control of aux channels or main mix control. The remote volume assign switch assigns the remote volume control to either the Main Mix bus VCA, affecting the overall volume, or the Aux Mix VCA which affects only the selected Aux source.
  • Broad Expandability
    Two bridge input/output connectors on 5-pin Euroblock connectors allows multiple units to be interconnected to expand the number of inputs by sending the pre-master, pre-EQ signal of the main mix bus and the data from the MCU to a subsequent unit.



For applications requiring a higher level of sophistication and capability, the MA6000M 8 Mic/Line auto-mixer will set a new standard for integrated mixer-amplifiers. The extensive feature set includes eight universal inputs with individual two-band equalization, direct outputs and adaptive proportional gain automatic mixing for use in speech reinforcement systems that can be expanded to accommodate up to 32 inputs. In addition, four auxiliary inputs are provided with intuitive front panel selectors to allow users to quickly and easily select between music sources. Equipped with remote volume control, source selection and system power, the MA6000M auto-mixer is aimed at installations in conference centers, council chambers, courtrooms, hotel meeting rooms and many other venues.

The MA6000M auto-mixer combines a fresh and modern aesthetic design with innovative technologies which will set new standards in distributed system designs. With a focus on sustainability, the MA6000M product family employs high efficiency electronics, resulting in significantly lower power consumption and operating costs. Aimed at enabling LEED certified applications they also create a vastly smaller carbon footprint than conventional products built around legacy technologies.