CTA-1 ConTour Array™ satellite system: 1x CTA 208 and 1x CTA 118 SUB per side. Total power: 4,000 W RMS

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Not every venue lets you fly line array mid/high units, be it for a lack of pick points, insufficient ceiling clearance, or due to the type and size of the event. The good news is that you can stack ConTour Array™ mid/high units on sub woofers yet still enjoy the benefits of line array technology.
Simply affix the mid/high units atop the bass bins using the special pivoting stack base plate and the built in M20 pole mount. The stack plate lets you line up the mid/high units perfectly with the sub woofers. The entire mid/high array is easily aligned to audiences in 1.5° steps, up to a total tilt angle of 9°. And on occasions when you are given the task of providing sound reinforcement in the smallest venues, you can place the CTA 208 mid/high unit atop a pole using the integral HK Audio DuoTilt™ pole mount at either 3° or 10°.