JuiceBlock 3

JuiceBlock 3: 3 Slot 500 Series Power Block


JuiceBlock3 is a portable, stand-alone power block designed to house up to three 500-series modules (3 x single-slot modules, or 1 x single-slot plus 1 x dual-slot module) in a vertical configuration. A 48V phantom power switch is mounted conveniently on the front of the block, and the back panel includes three slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs, as well as unbalanced1/4” inputs and outputs.

Like the JuiceRack3, the JuiceBlock3 features heavy-duty all-metal construction and full compatibility with 500-series modules. It also includes the elegantly powerful internal patching system, which allows you to:

  • FEED the audio output from one module to another
  • LINK1 a single balanced input and send it into multiple modules simultaneously
  • LINK2 a single unbalanced input and send it into multiple modules simultaneously

On-board LEDs indicate which modules are using the FEED/ LINK features.