JuiceRack 3

JuiceRack 3: 3 Slot 500 Series Power Rack

JuiceRack 3 is a 1u 19” 500-series power rack designed to house up to three single-slot 500-series modules in a horizontal configuration. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the back of the rack, which also features three slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs and three slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs.

Durable, all-metal construction and full compatibility with the 500-series format are at the heart of the unit, but the JuiceRack3’s standout feature is its built-in, flexible signal routing—a revolutionary internal patching system that sets it apart from all other 500-series power racks currently available. The on-board audio routing lets you do the following:

  • FEED – Send the audio output of one module into another
  • LINK1 – Split a single balanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously
  • LINK2 – Split a single unbalanced input and send it to multiple modules simultaneously

Built-in status LEDs highlight which modules are using the FEED / LINK features.