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Acme LED Waterwave

The LED Waterwave from Acme is equipped with a powerful 10W LED and is a great background effect for lounges and intimate club areas, turning them into a sea of tranquility with its soothing flowing colour combinations. The unit can be run in two modes: seamless colour scrolling or static colour operation.

1 x 10W White LED
Projects realistic water waves in
ever changing colours
Equipped with 2 glass effect wheels and 1 independent dichroic colour wheel
6 colours: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow,
Purple and White
2 operational modes: seamless scrolling colours or single colour operation
Beam angle: 34 degrees
Supplied with additional 60 degree lens
Adjustable focus
Fan cooled
Long life LED

Power supply: 240V
Dimension: 222 x 229 x 187 mm
Weight: 3.5kgs