CDJ-850 Digital deck with full scratch jog wheel and rekordbox support (silver)

Inherits the exacting control features of our professional series In addition to the large 206 mm jog dial, which makes it a snap to freely control its functions, the CDJ-850 inherits the layout of the professional series and its ease of use, including the rotary selector, browse buttons and other useful functions. Its closeness to the operability of the pro series will please every home DJ.

Compatible with a variety of media and formats Allows the home DJ to enjoy using all kinds of music formats and media as the CDJ-850 is compatible with the MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF formats recorded on USB storage devices or CD-R/RW discs.

Comes with rekordboxTM, the music management software that supports an easy DJ life. Once installed on a PC, rekordboxTM allows the home DJ to analyze music files and manage them (make settings, create and edit playlists and save histories) in a way optimized for DJ play. Analyzes data such as the Wave, Beat Grid, BPM, and ID3 Tag*2 of music files Cue and Loop*3 settings Creating and editing playlists Saving the history of music files played on the CDJ-850

USB Export function simplifies the DJ process When music files and their associated management data is saved with rekordboxTM and exported onto a USB storage device, they can be accessed by the multi-player even when it is not connected to a PC and thus DJ with the music files using the analysis and management data. As play histories are automatically recorded onto the USB storage device, the sequence of Music File Analysis & Settings

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Pioneer brings to market the CDJ-850 multi-player, a home DJ model that plays rekordboxTM music files and offers precise control as featured in Pioneer’s highly acclaimed professional series, used by pro DJs and in clubs all over.

In recent years the DJ and club market has seen a proliferation of a DJ style that utilizes music files, such as MP3. Last year Pioneer launched the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 multi-players onto the pro DJ/club market to promulgate a new DJ style in this age of music files and the players have been adopted in many clubs.

The home DJ multi-player we are launching now, the CDJ-850, inherits the layout of that professional series as well as its exacting control features. The CDJ-850 not only allows the home DJ to use the rekordboxTMit also offers a wide-ranging support of the DJ music life, making it easy to manage music files and super quick to select songs. The multi-player also allows the DJ to play CDs and music files on USB storage devices and to control PC-based DJ software.

Pioneer seeks to meet the needs of all DJs, from the amateur to the pro, as we invigorate the DJ and audio markets by proposing new ways to enjoy music.
Available August/September 2010