Techn. Data

Model PR:O 10 X
Product Class Passive Systems
Power-handling nominal (RMS) 300 W
Power-handling, peak 1200 W
Power-handling, program 600 W
Frequency response +/- 3 dB 95 Hz – 19kHz
Frequency response -10 dB 80 Hz – 19kHz
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 1W 99 dB
Maximum SPL, @ 10% THD 126 dB
Connections 2x Speakon
LF Speaker 10″
HF Driver 1″
Horn characteristics 90° x 60° CD horn
HF protection (passive) Dyn. protective circuit
Crossover frequency 2,2 kHz, 12 dB / oct.
Pole mount DuoTilt 3/7
Rigging points 3x M8
Angles up 30°
Handles 1, integrated
Enclosure MDF
Grille metal grille with acoustic foam
Finish acrylic painture, black
Dimensions (WxHxD) 32 cm x 48 cm x 29 cm
Weight 12,9 kg / 28.4 lbs.


Satellite Add-On
M20 Speakon®
A special accessory kit for deploying satellite speakers and subwoofers on M20 poles, the Satellite Add-On Package includes two aluminum mounting poles and two 3-metre long speaker cables for Speakon® connectors, all packed away neatly in a nylon carrying bag.


Protective Covers

Made of water-repellent, extremely tear-resistant nylon, these thickly padded covers afford excellent protection for the PA en route to and from gigs. With slots providing easy access to the handles of all the cabinets, the enclosures may be carried with the covers on. Zip-fasteners fully seal the covers for mid/ high units.


Rain Gear

With these protective covers in place, your cabinets will be ready to withstand the damp outdoors and well-protected on the way to gigs. Simply leave the covers on if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Rather than dampening the sound, the acoustic fleece merely keeps the dampness out.



PR:O 10 X

This remarkably versatile 10’/1′ enclosure can serve as a satellite, a fullrange cabinet, and a low-profile wedge monitor. The Music/Speech knob adjusts its finely balanced and therefore feedback-resistant frequency response to suit the given application. The PR:O 10 XA also features an onboard power amp and a Speakon port for connecting a passive addon cab.

Facts & Features

  • Application: Fullrange Cabinet / Stage monitor / Satellit
  • Power Capacity: 300/600 Watt
  • Max. SPL: 126 dB
  • Frequency Range: 80 Hz – 19 kHz