• Cutting-Edge Engineering
    Carbon fiber long-throw 8.0” Low Frequency driver for maximum bass response.
  • Maximum Coverage and Power
    180° dispersion for maximum coverage. Rated at 200 Watts maximum power.
  • Diverse Functionality
    70/100 V operation with a rotary power tap selector or low impedance 8-Ohm switchable mode, with a built-in Low Pass crossover at 250Hz.
  • Superior Protection
    Full-range power limiting overload protection protecting drivers and crossovers.
  • Unique Aesthetic Design
    Soft, rounded corners on an MDF enclosure and detachable wrap-around wire mesh grille with foam backing constructed to match the look of the full range models.



The SL4208S high performance band-pass surface mounted subwoofer delivers incredible frequency response, durability, and style, making it perfectly suited for foreground music, AV playback, and distributed sound reinforcement applications where precise and powerful Low Frequency performance is required.

The stylish look and smooth features of the BEHRINGER SL4208S bring it out of hiding and allow the Installer to place it in-room or in-view where its exceptional sound quality is at its finest.