Mixer Amplifier with Audio Sources( MP3, TUNER & Bluetooth)

MIXER/POWER AMPLIFIER offers versatile features and outstanding value for installed sound applications such as schools, offices, restaurants, shops, factories, houses of worship and large meeting rooms.

Features include five inputs, two auxiliary (stereo summing) line inputs. Two balanced microphone inputs on the rear with Phantom Power and one Mic 1 input provides VOX Priority and VOX level on front panel. Two Auxilliary Inputs and 2 Line inputs. One EMC Priority Input which has priority over all inputs except MIC 1. Speaker outputs consist of 70 V, 100 V and 4 ohm. An auxiliary line output can be used for recording or connection to an external power amplifier.

An Auto-Mute function provides voice-activated priority override for the Microphone 1 input which override the Auxiliary inputs and all other microphone inputs. Other features include channel level, master volume controls and bass/treble controls.

Product Features

  • Five Channel Integrated Mixer/Amplifiers for paging and background music distribution.
  • Proven ITC Quality and Reliability with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation.
  • Three Mic Inputs, balanced mic, inputs, phantom power switchable ON/OFF.
  • Two Auxiliary Inputs, unbalanced, stereo summing with dual-RCA jacks for convenient connection of stereo sources.
  • 100 V, 70 V and 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs with screw type barrier terminal strip.
  • Inputs: Mic 1 has Auto-Mute Priority Function
  • Inputs: EMC has Auto-Mute over Inputs Aux 1 and Aux 2 and Mic 2 & 3 inputs that mute -30dB during paging operation.
  • Auto-Mute Sensitivity Control for adjusting mute activation threshold.
  • Individual Channel Master Volume Controls
  • Bass/Treble Tone Controls for System
  • Recording Output for connecting an external amplifier or recording device

Functions With Mp3 ,TUNER & Bluetooth functions.

Features Standard rack mounted design (1U),

SMT designWith mp3/TUNER/Bluetooth module ,

Digital screen displaying the music from USB 。

With mp3/TUNER/ Bluetooth remote control function 。

1 x EMC input ,

2 x AUX input ,

4 x MIC input 。

Channel priority: EMC >MIC1>MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2 。

Each channel has a volume control, master volume control and bass/treble tone control with level indicator overload and protection indicator 。

High temp, overload & short-circuit protection.

2 output modes : 100V & 70V ( non- Bridged mode )

High energy -efficient switching power supply

High-efficient power amplifier

Voltage power supply: 180 V – 240 V