Active Lectern


The T-6236 Active Lectern is a portable audio lectern for multi-media presentations – perfect for hotels, churches, conference rooms and convention centres. This all-in-one unit is loaded with professional features, all designed to make any public speaking or presentations a breeze. This product eliminates the need for separate tripod stands, bulky external powered speakers, mixers and having to run a maze of connection cables. With the T6236 Active Lectern, you’re always be in control, with an easily-portable, easy-to-use solution.

Key Features for Every Presentation Need

T-6236 Active Lectern is beautifully designed. It’s self-powered, with a powerful built-in 3 speaker & tweeter 60w system that can easily project clear sound into large areas. It comes with a flexible gooseneck microphone, multiple inputs for your devices and a small desk lamp so you never have to search for lighting.

The system incorporates 1 x Line Input, 2 x Microphone inputs, 1 x Line output and 1 x Record Output.

Powerful Audio to Clearly Project Your Sound

T-6236 Active Lectern is an audio presentation system, which is capable of covering large spaces with clear intelligible sound.  A 120W peak amplifier driving three rugged woofers and a high-frequency tweeter which ensures the audience will hear every word and note of your presentation with clarity.

One gooseneck Mic and one lamp.

* Built-in 60W amplifier.

* One line input, two microphone inputs, one line output, one record output.