Weatherproof 100w 100v Horn Speaker

ITC T-720 SERIES PAGING HORN SPEAKERS provide intelligible voice paging and tone signaling for indoor and outdoor sound applications. Weather-resistant for reliable operation in demanding environmental conditions, T-720 Series models are available with a choice of power ratings from 10W to 100W. All models of T-720 Series include a built-in 70 V / 100 V transformer. The T-720 Series are easy to install on wall or pole applications and include corrosion-resistant stainless-steel mounting hardware.

The T-720 Series are also IP-66 standards compliant for dust and moisture-resistance.

* Note: For outdoor installation, it is recommended that the T-720 series are installed under roofs, eaves, or in other locations not directly exposed to rain.

Product Features

  • Paging Horn Speakers for voice paging and tone signaling distribution.

  • Weather-Resistant to withstand demanding environmental conditions.

  • Compression Driver

  • Built-In 70 V / 100 V Transformer

  • IEC IP-66 Standards Compliant for dust and moisture-resistance.

  • Steel Mounting Bracket for easy installation on wall, pole-mount applications.

  • Power output 25w , 50w, 100w @100V

  • Metal enclosure and metal bracket