Dual Channel Wireless System (8 Selectable Frequencies)

Availalbe as:

Dual hand held UFH21E H/H

Dual Lavalier    UHF21E L/L

Dual Headset   UHF21 HS/HS

or any combination of the above

Dual Channel Professional Receiver UHF-21E

— Diversity
— Tone control squelch
— Working range adjustable

— 8 Frequencies Selectable

Match with Handheld Transmitter UH-108

— Adopting dynamic cartridge with highly consistent super cardioid pattern at 120 off-axis. It creates superb isolation and unsurpassed gain-before-feedback, optimized for using in vocal, speaking and instrument performance the feature of noise absorption, which eliminate external and handling noise. High durability steel grille is used, elegant no damage incurred to its shape dropped. Durable structure modular design for easy assembly and detachment, especially convenient to after sales service.


Match with Body Pack Transmitter UB-12E

— Adopting two 1.5V AA batteries with longer operating time
— Variable volume control of input level
— Fixed 3.5ø screw jack prevents it’s connector drop off and noise, compatible with lavalier, headset microphone or guitar connector.