A high-performance speaker with a passive x-over, the VR 21214 is housed in a bass reflex enclosure designed for
fixed installation. It is loaded with two 12′ woofers for extended low-frequency response and one 1.4′ high-frequency
driver coupled to a constant directivity horn. The VR 21214 is well-suited for use as a mid/ high unit in long-throw
applications requiring high SPL. Paired with a subwoofer such as the compact HK AUDIO IL 115 Sub or IL 118 Sub, it excels at rendering live music. If you wish to configure larger, more intricate systems, you will find the HK AUDIO Fir Net Controller to be an invaluable asset.

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Techn. Data

Model VR 21214
Power-handling nominal (RMS) 700 watts
Program Power [W] (3dB more than AES) 1400 watts
Kurzzeitleistung [W] nach DIN 2800 watts
Frequency response -10 dB 60 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 1W@1m, Fullspace, (100Hz – 20kHz) [dB SPL] 101
Sensitivity 1W@1m, Halfspace, (100Hz – 20kHz) [dB SPL] 107
Max SPL mit Programm Spektrum nach DIN 60268-01 Fullspace [dB SPL] 133
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Connections 1x NL4, 2x Terminal
Low/ Mid Speaker 2 x 12″
HF Driver 1 x 1,4″
Horn characteristics 60° x 40°, 90° x 55°, 60° – 90° x 55° (asymmetric, all rotatable)
Directivity depends on horn variation
X-Over 2 ,5 way passive
Crossover frequency 800 Hz / 1100 Hz
Rigging points 13 x M10
Optional accessories wall plate, cluster plate, speaker tilt, L-Bracket, U-Bracket
Enclosure MDF
Grille metal grille with acoustic cloth
Finish polyurethan lacquer, every RAL colour
Dimensions (WxHxD) 40 x 109 x 42 cm, 15 3/4″ x 42 17/32″ x 16 17/32″
Weight 34 kg, 74 31/32 lbs
Filter type controller


including Mounting plates

The U-bracket lets you mount speakers to walls and ceilings. You can aim and align cabinets as you see fit using a
combination of speaker tilt unit and/or wall plate. The U-bracket ships with two mounting plates.


Cluster Extension Plate

This extension plate is needed to cluster more than two enclosures. It serves as a shim for overlapping plates when clustering three enclosures.


Wall plate

This plate serves to mount cabinets to walls and ceilings. It lets you rotate the enclosure in 5° steps. You need either the U-bracket on its own or in combination with the speaker tilt to join the cabinet to the wall plate.


Cluster Plate

Speaker cabinets may be clustered to widen their throw pattern and extend coverage. This cluster plate lets you array cabinets vertically and horizontally. You will need the extension plate to cluster more than two enclosures.


Speaker tilt
with Angular Alignment

This adapter adjusts the tilt angle of cabinets in 5° steps up to a maximum of 45°. The U-bracket connects the enclosure and speaker tilt fixture.


Rigging/ Pick Points

These fixtures serve to attach hardware such as shackles, making it easy to connect arrest wires.