BEHRINGER and Tracktion 4 Unleash the Power of Your Creativity – DOWNLOAD FREE

BEHRINGER and Tracktion 4
Unleash the Power of Your Creativity

Unleash the true power of your BEHRINGER gear with Tracktion 4 Music Production Software. So easy to download, install and use, Tracktion 4 will turn your mixer/audio interface and PC/Mac computer into a powerful recording and editing workstation. We’ve teamed up with the makers of Tracktion to help jump-start your creativity. Get your download of Tracktion 4 today, free with select BEHRINGER products — and make the music happen!


Record Easier.

Tracktion is the easy way to record individual tracks or a whole band.

Recording couldn’t be easier. Everything in Tracktion follows a simple drag-and-drop functionality making it, by far, the most intuitive DAW on the planet. Everything flows from left to right… Inputs are are easily dropped onto any track, audio and MIDI clips are displayed in the middle then EQ, dynamics and effects are dropped on the right and easily re-arranged at will. No tool box required. Ever.

Edit with Precision.

Tracktion puts powerful editing tools right where you need them.

The editing process is where the Tracktion work flow paradigm really shines. You edit your music the way you would use an iPad® or other intuitive device. Just drag, drop, cut, copy or paste. Don’t change tools, don’t change pages, don’t get lost. Just create without any distracting mode changes.

Mix Like a Pro.

Tracktion gives you big-time mixing power in a small space.

Mixing, of course, is the art of leveling, panning, EQing, adding effects, and otherwise accentuating individual sounds and instruments to get your song to sound just right. Most audio software accomplishes this through the use of a dedicated “mixer” screen, which mirrors the faders and knobs of a traditional analog mixer. Tracktion, however, has never had — or needed — a dedicated mixer screen, because its users are actually “mixing” their songs throughout the recording process. This is really the genius of Tracktion, and one we’ll explore a bit here. Once tracks have been recorded, it’s time to see if they cut the mustard. Thankfully, Tracktion has.

Share the Love.

Tracktion lets you prepare your music for mass consumption.

Once you’ve recorded and mixed your music, you’ll want to master it to give it that polished, radio-ready sound. Or you may want to send it to a trusted musician or producer friend for a second, or third, opinion. Thankfully, Tracktion lets you easily do both. Tracktion’s built-in Archiving capabilities let you save and send your project to other Tracktion users so they can listen, collaborate, and edit. Of course you can easily export to a variety of formats such as .wav, .aif, and .mp3 to share with those not yet part of the Tracktion Collective.




How to Download Tracktion 4

  1. Register your BEHRINGER product on our Product Registration Page.
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with your exclusive TRACKTION 4 redemption code.
  3. Browse to the TRACKTION website.
  4. Create a ‘Redeem Hardware License’ Account. Verify the account after you received the verification email from TRACKTION.
  5. Log into your account and put the TRACKTION 4 software in the basket.
  6. During checkout, please enter the TRACKTION 4 redemption code.
  7. Download the software and install it on your computer.