ART 945-A, Professional Active Speaker

ART 945-A, Professional Active Speaker


The RCF ART 945-A is a versatile and powerful active speaker designed for intensive audio applications. With a maximum SPL of up to 135 dB and a 2100W Class-D bi-amplification system, this speaker delivers distortion-free sound reproduction with absolute clarity and deep bass response. Featuring advanced DSP processing and innovative design elements, the ART 945-A offers exceptional performance and versatility for live events, installations, and more.
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The RCF ART 945-A is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance and versatility for intensive audio applications. With a maximum SPL of up to 135 dB and a powerful 2100W Class-D bi-amplification system, this speaker ensures distortion-free sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. Featuring a 4″ titanium/neodymium compression driver and a 15″ neodymium woofer, the ART 945-A produces coherent 100° x 60° coverage for the listening area, delivering absolute clarity and deep, powerful bass response.

Merging RCF’s proprietary FiRPHASE and Bass Motion Control DSP processing, the ART 945-A offers advanced control over the sound, ensuring precise sound reproduction with minimal latency and phase distortions. The sleek cabinet is constructed from a special polypropylene composite material with internal M-brace reinforcement, ensuring durability and acoustic damping even at maximum volume settings. Multiple rigging points allow for versatile mounting options, including pole mounting, flying, wall mounting, or truss mounting.

The ART 945-A’s Class-D amplifier is energy-efficient and equipped with a solid aluminum heat exchanger for thermal management, eliminating the need for cooling fans and ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. The advanced True Resistive Waveguide design provides constant directivity and improved stereo panorama, while the Bass Motion Control technology enhances low-frequency performance without affecting woofer stability.


  • Maximum SPL: Up to 135 dB
  • Amplification: 2100W Class-D Bi-Amplification
  • Frequency Response: 45-20000 Hz
  • Transducers: 4″ Titanium/Neodymium Compression Driver, 15″ Neodymium Woofer
  • Coverage: 100° x 60°
  • DSP Processing: FiRPHASE, Bass Motion Control
  • Cabinet Material: Polypropylene Composite with M-Brace Reinforcement
  • Mounting Options: Pole Mounting, Flying, Wall Mounting, Truss Mounting
  • Amplifier Safety: EN62368-1 Compliant
  • Connectivity: IP Rated PowerCON TRUE1

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