• Possibility of automatic activation upon the microphone detecting a voice
  • Voice detection through built in DSP algorithm
  • High-end panel with integrated speaker
  • 3.5mm mini-jack headphone output with volume control on the desk
  • Talk button for speaking in manual mode
  • Accepts ATCS-60MIC (43cm) or ATCS-L60MIC (58cm) gooseneck microphones


In the digital era, the safeguarding of confidential information is paramount. With infrared conference systems your wireless signal will not leave the room; it is impossible to capture from another building, for example. Compared to a UHF system (radio waves), which behave the same way a radio station transmitting over a broad area, the infrared system excels at protecting your information, as no leakage is possible.

Depending on the desired application, the ATCS-M60 allows you to set the chairman’s Unit ID number to 001, and those positions of participants from 002 and upwards. If the chairman needs to leave the conference, or a problem manifests itself on the chairman unit, the master control of chairman unit can be re-delegated using the computer software – just set the ID number of the new master unit to 001. This flexibility ensures peace of mind.

  • Units selectable by panel ID number
  • The chairman’s unit can take priority over all other consoles, thanks to the “All Finish” function
  • The chairman microphone unit has a dedicated channel, allowing on / off without cutting other participants’ speech
  • Indication of battery life
  • Built-in speaker and headphone jack with personal volume control
  • Manual or automatic floor outlet. In automatic mode, the microphone activates itself on/off when it detects voice presence. Depending on user needs, the microphone recording duration in the event of delegate silence following speech is adjustable. In manual mode, simply press the Talk button (speech) to enable / disable the microphone
  • The desk has a switch for selecting up to 4 separate channels for multilingual meetings
  • It is possible to have five people speaking at once, which is very convenient when several speakers provide presentations on the same subject


Technical Specs

Overall System
Operating Frequencies Infrared
Number Of Channels Voice: 5 channels
Monitor: 4 channels
Data: 2 channels
Simultaneous Use 150
Discussion Unit
Standard Operation Time Continuous speech: 6 hours
Signal reception status: 10 hours
Speaker Output 8 ohm, 2 W
Headphone Output ∅ 3.5 mm monaural mini-jack
Connections Dedicated 4-pin XLR microphone socket; Digital input for voting system
Power Consumption 18 W (max)
Dimensions 187 mm x 75.5 mm x 149 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 600 g
Optional Accessories LI-240 lithium-ion battery; AC adapter
Bandwidth 1 – 10 MHz
Modulation Method FM modulation
Data Communication 9,600 bps


More Info


By its very nature, infrared technology is secure, guaranteed to keep you and your information in the conference room only. No information can be received outside of the room.


The chairman microphone unit has a dedicated channel for enabling / disabling without cutting out the speaking of other participants.


When the battery charge level is low, the LED status light on the consile and the LED ring on the mic both flash as a warning.



Proprietary DSP voice detection algorithm, able to distinguish between the sounds of voice and crumpling paper.


Built-in speaker and headphone output for personal amplifier: no need for an additional PA system.


The base has a Power Saving feature, which helps extend the battery life to 10 hours.


Audio-Technica has developed two dedicated microphones for the IR conference system, 43cm (ATCS-60MIC) or 58cm (ATCS-L60MIC).