BE 2012, Additional Keyboard

BE 2012, Additional Keyboard

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BE 2012, Additional Keyboard

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The RCF BE 2012 is a versatile 12-zone additional keyboard designed to enhance the functionality of the BM 2006 paging microphone. With easy connection via flat cables and a durable metal connection bracket included, the BE 2012 offers expanded zoning capabilities for comprehensive communication management.
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The RCF BE 2012 is a powerful addition to the BM 2006 paging microphone system, providing enhanced zoning functionality for effective communication management in diverse environments. Designed for seamless integration and ease of use, the BE 2012 offers intuitive controls and robust construction to meet the demands of modern paging applications.

Featuring 12 zone buttons, the BE 2012 enables users to selectively address individual zones or groups of zones with precision and efficiency. Whether making targeted announcements or broadcasting messages across multiple areas, the keyboard provides convenient access to zoning controls for seamless communication.

The BE 2012 is designed for easy connection to the BM 2006 paging microphone via lateral ports, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. Flat cables ensure a secure and reliable connection between the microphone and the keyboard, providing uninterrupted operation during paging operations.

Included with the BE 2012 is a sturdy metal connection bracket, offering additional support and stability when mounting the keyboard for use. This ensures that the BE 2012 remains securely in place, even during extended use or in high-traffic areas.

With the ability to link up to four BE 2012 extensions to each BM 2006 console, the BE 2012 offers expanded system capability, allowing users to create a comprehensive communication network with up to 54 zones. Whether used in educational institutions, commercial facilities, or public venues, the BE 2012 provides a versatile and reliable solution for managing paging operations with ease.


  • Number of Zones: 12
  • Connection: Flat cables on lateral ports
  • Included Accessories: Metal connection bracket

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