BM 2006, Paging Microphone

BM 2006, Paging Microphone


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BM 2006, Paging Microphone

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The RCF BM 2006 is a versatile paging microphone designed for use with the ZM 2000 system. Featuring selective and general call buttons, PTT and Lock functionality, and a flexible gooseneck microphone, the BM 2006 offers convenient and efficient paging capabilities for various applications.
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The RCF BM 2006 is a sophisticated paging microphone engineered to provide seamless communication within multi-zone environments. Designed specifically for use with the ZM 2000 system, this microphone offers advanced features and intuitive controls for effortless operation.

Equipped with selective and general call buttons, the BM 2006 allows users to make targeted announcements to specific zones or broadcast messages across all zones simultaneously. The push-to-talk (PTT) and Lock buttons provide convenient options for initiating and maintaining communication, ensuring clarity and control during paging operations.

The BM 2006 features an electret microphone mounted on a flexible gooseneck, allowing for precise positioning and optimal sound capture. Whether addressing individual zones or making system-wide announcements, the microphone delivers clear and intelligible speech reproduction for effective communication.

For seamless integration into the ZM 2000 system, the BM 2006 is equipped with RJ45 ports for input and output connectivity, enabling easy daisy-chaining of up to six microphones to a master unit such as the ZM 2124 or ZM 2100. Additionally, the microphone supports priority mode setting, allowing users to prioritize certain announcements over others for enhanced communication management.

With the ability to link up to four BE 2012 extensions to each console, the BM 2006 offers expanded system capability, accommodating up to 54 zones for comprehensive coverage in large-scale installations. Whether used in educational facilities, commercial venues, or public spaces, the BM 2006 provides reliable and efficient paging functionality to meet the diverse needs of modern communication environments.


  • Zones: 6
  • Buttons: Selective call, general call, PTT, Lock
  • Microphone Type: Electret on flexible gooseneck
  • Connectivity: RJ45 ports (CAT5 cable)
  • Compatibility: ZM 2000 system
  • Maximum System Capability: Up to 54 zones (with BE 2012 extensions)
  • Priority Mode: Yes

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