DMU 6100, Central Unit Conference System

DMU 6100, Central Unit Conference System


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DMU 6100, Central Unit Conference System

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The RCF DMU 6100 is a versatile audio management unit designed to serve as the central hub for microphone systems in various applications. With two universal inputs and dedicated connections for teleconference systems, recorders/players, and auxiliary outputs, the DMU 6100 offers flexible configuration options and advanced functionality for seamless integration into professional audio setups.
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The RCF DMU 6100 serves as the core component of microphone systems, providing comprehensive audio management capabilities for a wide range of applications. With two universal inputs, the DMU 6100 allows for the connection of various additional sources such as wireless microphones, lectern microphones, mixers, or preamplifiers, offering flexibility in system configuration.

Featuring configurable input settings, the two inputs can be mixed with the system audio, prioritized over system microphone sets, or configured in other ways to suit specific requirements. Dedicated IN and OUT connections ensure echo-free communication with teleconference systems, enhancing the overall audio quality during conference calls.

The DMU 6100 offers multiple operational modes, including VOX (Voice-Activated Switching) operation and command operation, providing users with options for seamless control based on their preferences. The command switch can be programmed for FORCED-ON or FORCED-OFF operation, offering additional flexibility in system management.

For recording and playback purposes, REC-PLAY input and outputs associated with a switch enable easy connection to recorders or players, facilitating audio capture and playback as needed. Additionally, four auxiliary outputs are available for independent recording of the two universal inputs and each of the two lines of microphone sets, further enhancing versatility and functionality.

Equipped with specific tools for testing wiring and system operation, the DMU 6100 simplifies installation and maintenance tasks, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The LCD display provides status information, including advice on connected consoles, while function buttons and LEDs on the front panel assist installers and users in adjusting parameters and volumes. Furthermore, audio monitoring is facilitated through a built-in speaker and a ¼” jack, offering convenient feedback during setup and operation.


  • Universal Inputs: 2
  • Maximum Microphone Sets: Up to 60 on two lines
  • Input Configuration: Flexible, configurable mixing and prioritization options
  • Teleconference System Connections: Dedicated IN and OUT connections
  • Operational Modes: VOX (Voice-Activated Switching), Command Operation
  • Command Switch: Programmable for FORCED-ON or FORCED-OFF operation
  • REC-PLAY Inputs/Outputs: Yes, with associated switch for easy connection to recorders/players
  • Auxiliary Outputs: 4 for independent recording
  • LCD Display: Provides status information and console advice
  • Front Panel Controls: Function buttons and LEDs for parameter adjustment
  • Audio Monitoring: Built-in speaker and ¼” jack for audio monitoring

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