DP 5EN, Unidirectional Sound Projector

DP 5EN, Unidirectional Sound Projector



RCF DP 5EN is a versatile weatherproof sound projector designed for high intelligibility in broadcasting alarm messages. With selectable power options and IP65 protection, it ensures reliable performance indoors and outdoors while offering a sleek design.
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Designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and intelligibility, the RCF DP 5EN is a weatherproof sound projector ideal for a wide range of installations. Featuring a 5″ full-range transducer and selectable power settings (20 W / 10 W / 5 W / 2.5 W at 100 V), this projector offers flexibility to suit various audio requirements.

The DP 5EN’s robust construction includes a flameproof ABS body and steel grille, ensuring durability and longevity in both indoor and outdoor environments. With its IP65 protection rating, it is resistant to dust and water ingress, making it suitable for use in challenging weather conditions.

Not only does the DP 5EN prioritize functionality, but it also boasts a modern and appealing design that seamlessly integrates into any environment. Whether installed in commercial spaces, public areas, or outdoor venues, this sound projector enhances both audio performance and architectural aesthetics.

Equipped with an in/out ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse protection, the DP 5EN ensures safe and reliable operation. Its high sensitivity of 88 dB ensures clear and audible sound reproduction, making it an ideal choice for applications where alarm messages need to be broadcasted with clarity and precision.

Overall, the RCF DP 5EN combines advanced features, rugged construction, and versatile performance to meet the demands of modern audio installations, making it a reliable choice for professionals seeking exceptional sound quality and reliability.


  • Transducer: 5″ full-range
  • Power Rating (Selectable): 20 W / 10 W / 5 W / 2.5 W at 100 V
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • Color: White (RAL 9016)
  • Construction Material: Flameproof ABS body, steel grille
  • Terminal Block: Ceramic input and output terminal blocks
  • Protection Rating: IP65
  • Thermal Protection: Thermal fuse protection

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