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Drip Spring Reverb


The best way to spice up your dry guitar sound with some distinctive character and depth is a good spring reverb.

An homage to one of music’s most recognizable reverb effects, Drip Spring Reverb instantly takes your tone back to the good old days of amp reverb, to the iconic California surf scene and countless classic blues recordings.

Not to mention iconic instrumental bands such as The Shadows and The Ventures, who built their sound on those classic reverberated guitar tones.

Quite simply, spring reverb was so ubiquitous on classic recordings that it has become a quintessential part of sound of the electric guitar.

  • Vintage spring reverb pedal
  • Features characteristic spring reverb “drip”
  • Durable metal enclosure with true bypass circuitry

Legendary ?60s Guitar Tone

Drip Spring Reverb gives you the authentic tone of the classic spring reverb units in the old American amps of the sixties.

The effect can get quite lo-fi if you crank it, or it can be applied more subtly but either way, it adds an unmistakable character and charm that livens up any dull guitar sound, carving out your own slice of sonic heaven.

Dripping with reverb

With an intuitive set of controls on board, Drip Spring Reverb can easily be dialed-in for a wide variety of reverb flavors.
The Tone control lets you set how bright the reverberations are for either a clear, piercing sound or a more subdued and dark tone.
Dwell sets the length of the reverb tail, for everything from a whisper to a wave crashing into a Californian coastal cavern.
The Mix knob lets you dial in the perfect balance between the reverberated signal and your dry signal.

Kick it all you want!

Built to withstand the tests of time with a sturdy metal frame, Drip Spring Reverb will ensure you never wipe out no matter how hard you go at it.

Top mounted jacks makes it easy to fit on even the most crowded of boards, and the high quality true bypass circuitry keeps your signal clean and clear.


Sound examples by Kasper Falkenberg

Backstage Pass ? All Access

Three easy knobs make it a breeze to find your perfect reverb tone in no time.


Boost the amount of high-end sparkle in your reverb tone or tone it down for a more subtle reverb response.


This knob adjusts the balance between the dry signal and the reverb, allowing you to precisely fine tune your overall sound.


This knob sets the length of the reverb. Turn it up high for the ultimate surf rock wash or set it low for some old school blues tones.

True Bypass

If you’re not using it, you shouldn’t be hearing it. Our high quality true bypass circuit keeps your signal squeaky clean.

  • Vintage style reverb pedal
  • High quality digital circuitry
  • Authentic spring reverb tones
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 100 mA