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Very linear frequency response characteristics, extreme high power handling?while generating the lowest harmonic distortion of any comparable 18-inch?transducer within its application range.

The LF18X401 uses a fibre loaded cone assembly along with a high excursion triple roll surround. This combination provides remarkable strength and a peak to peak maximum excursion of 50 mm. The new dual forced hyper-venting system guarantee a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression and incredible power handling.


  • The LF18X401 is ideal for use in applications where sizable amounts of low frequency, long excursion and low distortion acoustic power is desired.
  • The robust mechanical design and optimised weight of the device make it desirable for use in fixed installation or touring professional loudspeaker systems.
  • The transducer’s low frequency extension, coupled with its extremely low generation of harmonic distortion, also makes it ideal for use within critical listening applications such as studio monitoring subwoofer systems.


  • 4-inch, fiberglass inside/outside copper voice coil
  • 3000W continuous program power handling
  • 97.5 dB Sensitivity
  • 25 Hz – 1 kHz Frequency range
  • Dual Forced Hyperventing System
  • Dual spider design with silicon based dampening control
  • Triple-roll surround and corrugated straight cone geometry