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The horn-loaded LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA mid/high unit impresses with its very precise and directional sound coverage. The built-in Multicell Transformer (MCT) allows ranges up to 40 metres with a relatively small housing and weight (25kg). Due to the flexible set-up options, the system can grow with the requirements and covers audience sizes of up to 3000 people. The free DSP CONTROL software provides remote control for all speaker functions and comprehensive sound processing.

Call for Price

LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA – 600W RMS/1200W Peak

LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA is a highly efficient, scalable and economical long-throw active mid/high unit for large, long and wide rooms as well as open air spaces. It fills the gap between the classic point source PA and the line array in the form of a compact, horn-loaded direct sound source.

The LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA with 1-inch HF-Driver and Multicell Transformer (MCT) offers unprecedented sound coverage depth without treble drop-off and with compact dimensions. Balanced and powerful sound can reach up to 40 metres and up to 3000 people without having to use delay lines. The bass and mids are reproduced crisply and richly by three vertically arranged, horn-loaded 8-inch woofers.

Precisely tuned presets for clustering and headstacking are available directly on the speaker. Thanks to the flexible design variants, the system can grow as required. Even with just one LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA mid/high unit (per side), the sound reaches much greater depths. Cluster, headstack or headstack cluster setups can be used to achieve coverage patterns with more width and depth.

LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA is equipped with PowerCon connectors and PowerCon Link, which simplifies wiring and saves cable material.

HK Audio Multicell Transformer (MCT)
High coverage and more usable sound pressure

Developed by HK Audio, the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA’s Multicell Transformer (MCT) is made up of many small horns of different sizes and lengths. Interfering horn resonances are pushed above the transmission range, which minimises THD and reduces distortion.

As a result, there is significantly more usable sound pressure available. At the same time, the MCT technology enables analogue beam steering and thus an asymmetrical horn dispersion pattern.

This, combined with the very precise dispersion, makes headstack and cluster arrangements very easy to achieve. This allows the MCT to reach long ranges even with compact dimensions. Balanced and powerful sound can reach up to 40 metres and up to 3000 people without having to use delay lines.

Cardioid – Problem solver for professionals in any situation

Professional sound technicians respond to stringent sound insulation requirements, uncontrolled bass dispersion on and behind the stage and a high feedback risk in the lower frequency range with Cardioid technology for the subwoofers. This technical trick is now easily achieved without measurement technology: simply set up, select a preset, and you’re done!

The Cardioid setup attenuates the bass sound pressure of the physically spherically radiating subwoofers behind the subwoofers by up to 34 dB. There is a slight increase in sound pressure of approx. 2 dB in the front sound dispersion. This results in a directional, cardioid radiation pattern.

Cardioid sound reinforcement technology can be used with the LINEAR 5 MK II 115 Sub A and 118 Sub A with vertically stacked subwoofers and also with horizontal setups. This is a huge advantage on low stages. For larger vertical cardioid stacks with up to three subwoofers, the powerful LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA offers 1:1 and 2:1 cardioid presets.

Robust housings
Optimized for all application scenarios

The acoustic properties and stability of wood cannot be achieved with any other material in loudspeaker construction. That is why nearly all LINEAR 5 MK II components are built into wooden cabinets made of MDF and birch multiplex. The LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub A and the LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA are completely made of birch multiplex. Despite the robust material, LINEAR 5 MK II is extremely compact and comparatively light.  MultiGrip handles ensure easy handling and, together with the optional tilt brackets, provide a secure hold in flight for the mid/high units.

For use as compact, powerful and low-feedback stage monitors, the housings of the LINEAR 5 MK II XA mid/high units are equipped with a 31° monitor slope and offer a safe and firm stand even when lying crosswise. The rotatable horns allow the dispersion angles to be optimally adjusted to the desired setup. The enclosures of the LINEAR 5 MK II FA full-range mid/high units provide more pressure and volume in the bass range.


The LINEAR 5 MK II series not only gives professional performers and rental companies a reliable high-performance everyday tool – this state-of-the-art series, which has been redesigned from the ground up, features remote-controlled DSPs, more power and cardioid-capable subwoofers. With the sturdy wooden enclosureslarge selection of standard elements and extensive range of accessories, LINEAR 5 MK II is a powerful and innovative drive for all those who want to impress their audiences day after day. First-class sound and high performance made in Germany.

Established technology made better

The LINEAR 5 MK II series is the next logical step in the development of the popular LINEAR 5 series. With more power and weighing in at up to 3 kg lighter, featuring more compact dimensions and the added benefit of digital optimisation via the DSP CONTROL software, it takes day-to-day tasks to a whole new level. New series elements, such as the series’ own subwoofers and the LINEAR 5 MK II 110 XA and 115 XA full-range mid/high units, expand the already very extensive range of applications.

Rotatable horns with optimal dispersion angles for each mid/high unit make them ideal solutions for cluster setups or as stage monitors. Sturdy wooden enclosures ensure durability and investment protection. The wide range of accessories for transportation and weather protection, rigging and assembly make LINEAR 5 MK II a reliable workhorse.

The compact, horn-loaded LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA long-throw mid/high unit offers enormous sound depth, high flexibility and compatibility thanks to the DSP with FIR filter and DSP-Out.


DSP – Powerful and smart

The integrated high-performance DSPs allow tuning of the system with high precision. They provide increased usable sound pressure before distortion sets in and reduce the risk of feedback significantly.

Not only can the four matching presets be accessed directly at the loudspeaker cabinet, but also via Ethernet connection and the DSP CONTROL software for larger system set-ups on a Mac or PC and ad-hoc adjustements.

The DSP Out also allows integration of a non-networked loudspeaker, processing its signal independently of the DSP settings within the loudspeaker using the DSP CONTROL software.

DSP Control – Everything under control at all times and everywhere

Having full control over the entire sound setup, even during the sound check and the show is something that some are already familiar with from large touring systems or the LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 series.

HK Audio DSP CONTROL allows remote control of all LINEAR 5 MK II components, from stage monitors to complete PA systems, via network and HK Audio’s proprietary DSP CONTROL software for Mac and PC. The features of the powerful DSPs, such as volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity, can thus be accessed directly from the FoH position at any time.

Components that do not have their own DSP technology can be connected to the DSP OUT on the LINEAR 5 MK II speakers and controlled remotely with the same ease. All of the speaker’s DSP functions are available to each DSP OUT, irrespective of and in addition to the DSP setup of the LINEAR 5 MK II speaker.

DSP CONTROL also offers the possibility to access functions such as equalizer, limiter, volume and mute bundled by Sub and Main Groups. This greatly simplifies the management of large speaker setups or multiple venues.

Virtual Units make it possible to create a setup in advance of an event even without connected loudspeakers. On site, the Virtual Units can then be conveniently replaced by the network-compatible loudspeakers of the LINEAR 5 MK II series at the click of a mouse.

Extended remote controlling

Until recently, only the large touring system price category made it possible to control every mid/high unit, every subwoofer and every stage monitor centrally from the FoH position. This modern and highly efficient workflow is now also available in professional point source and column systems thanks to the network-compatible HK Audio speakers in the LINEAR and ELEMENTS series. Every single speaker on the network can be accessed centrally from a Mac or PC, and its volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity can be controlled in detail.

Equalizer / EQ display

The Equalizer offers more than ten individually configurable filters. Whether Bell, Notch, All Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Band Pass, High Pass or Low Pass, entering the values or sliding them in the graphical view of the EQ display gives you full control over the frequency response.


Recurring venues with recurring acoustic challenges used to be major time sinks when it came to sound checks. Thanks to the option to store presets, this is now a thing of the past. Simply save the optimum settings and load them directly on the speaker or from the DSP CONTROL software.


One extra-special feature that is only available in the network-compatible LINEAR series is that an additional, non-network-compatible active speaker (e.g. from the LINEAR 3 series) can be integrated into the network via DSP Out and then all parameters individually remote controlled. This ensures that existing infrastructure retains its value as well as its future viability. A fully parametric 10-band EQ, high-pass filter, low-pass filter, delay, polarity and limiting are available independently for both the speakers and DSP-Out.

Group functions

It has never been easier to organise a complex setup with a multitude of network-compatible HK Audio speakers. Whether you want to separate the left and right sides in a stereo setup or control several speakers in different rooms, this can be done in no time at all with groups. The DSP CONTROL software offers the possibility to access functions such as equalizer, limiter, volume and mute through sub and main groups.

Wink Button

Wink at your LINEAR 7 or LINEAR 9 speaker and it will flash back. When you ping the speakers with the Wink button, several LED signals will flash on the speaker, making it easy to spot the respective speaker, even in darker locations.


The Delay function makes it possible to set the ideal delay times in user-defined units. This allows you to create delay lines, for example, to produce the best sound experience at any point in the audience.

Virtual Units

Want to plan your setup in advance? Want to bundle speakers into groups beforehand and organise them by foyer, main room, outdoor and bar floor? Not a problem! HK Audio DSP CONTROL lets you get started even without speakers. Virtual Units give you the option of working with virtual speakers and replacing them on site with the network-compatible speakers in the LINEAR series at the click of a mouse.


LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA configurations

More sound pressure and wider dispersion

More sound pressure, depth and range

Headstack cluster
More sound pressure, depth and range with significantly wider dispersion


Accessories – equipped for all situations

The optional accessories of the LINEAR 5 MK II series expand the application possibilities enormously and provide customized, high-quality and secure solutions.

Weather Protective Cover – The sound never stops, come rain, come sunshine

The Weather Protective Covers for all LINEAR 5 MK II mid/high units (except LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA and 118 Sub HPA) and subwoofers are precisely manufactured and equipped with many practical details. They are an optimal protection against moisture and wetness, at the same time a robust transport protection. Waterproof acoustic gauze protects the front of the speakers and drivers without affecting the sound. Depending on the model, the front flap can be easily and securely clipped to the side of the speaker or rolled up at the head end without interfering with stacking, clustering or cardioid setups.

On the backs, sturdy transparent viewing windows keep water out of electronics and provide access to controls and a cable entry. Handles remain usable with closable engagements or cut-aways. For the 115 XA, 112 FA and 115 FA mid/high units, this allows the rigging brackets to be installed even when the rain cover is on.  The subwoofer covers provide lockable access to the thread for the spacer rods.

Tilt brackets – perfect alignment and easy handling for rigging operations.

TB-45N and TB-45NQ are tilt brackets made of high-strength steel for mounting speaker cabinets on truss spars, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on tripods. The TB-45NQ are equipped with quick release pins for fast mounting. Both brackets have a maximum load capacity of 70 kg according to WLL and 35 kg according to DGUV-V 17. Simple and flexible vertical and horizontal alignment is possible.

RCS Rain Cover Set

The RCS Rain Cover Set supplied with the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA and 118 Sub HPA reliably protects the electronics from rain, leaving all connections accessible and ensuring the controls are easy to read.

Accessories for cluster and headstack setups

The Headstack Extension Set is the extension of the TB-45N or TB-45NQ to accommodate a LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA headstack at the correct centre of gravity and tilt point. The TB-HES extends the sides of the TB-45 and connects to the headstack at the free screw points of the sliding plates of the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA speakers.

The Pick Point (PP) and the Cluster Plate (CP) provide either two or three attachment points for rigging and angling the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA. The following configurations can be built and rigged with just one set of the PP-CP. 2 x single use, 2 x headstack, 2 x cluster or 2 x headstack cluster. The PP-CP set is therefore a highly universal accessory and offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio

The DFP double flange plate is required when a cluster is to be stacked on a LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA with mounting poles. This allows the cluster to be easily adjusted to the desired height with the mounting poles and aligned accordingly. The correct angle of the horizontal cluster is achieved by screwing the back of the 308 LTA onto the mounting poles or Tilt-Units.