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The world’s most popular speaker format now comes replete with the professional LINEAR 9 touch. When deployed as a compact stage monitor, the LINEAR 9 112 XA’s DSP Out can readily address and control connected conventional powered monitors. Combined with multiple subwoofers, this enclosure delivers muscular low mids and a high SPL. And as a standalone speaker, it serves up excellent speech intelligibility courtesy of premium features such as its 60 dB FIR crossover. This is go-to utility speaker for many types of gigs.

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  • Multipurpose point-source loudspeaker, deployable on a tripod, as a stage monitor, as a front-fill, and as a mid-high-unit in ground-stacked and flown PA systems
  • 70° x 50° CD-Horn, rotatable by 90°
  • 12″ bass/ midrange speaker
  • 1″ HF driver with a 1.7″ voice coil
  • 60 dB FIR crossover, 1.6 kHz cutoff
  • DSP controller on board for remote management and network connectivity
  • Factory presets for typical use cases plus user-programmable presets
  • Windows und macOS DSP CONTROL software
  • Overall output power: 700 watts peak (Class-D, biamped)
  • Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 67 Hz – 19 kHz
  • 131 dB max. SPL peak (half-space)
  • PowerCon power connector and PowerCon link power outlet
  • PU-coated birch-multiplex enclosure
  • Made in Germany
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty (upon registration)