NX 985-A, Professional Three-Way Active Speaker

NX 985-A, Professional Three-Way Active Speaker



The RCF NX 985-A is a powerful three-way active speaker designed for Bands, DJs, Clubs, and Rental Companies. With a maximum SPL of up to 138 dB and a 2100W Class-D amplifier, this speaker delivers distortion-free sound with exceptional clarity and coverage. Featuring premium transducers, innovative BMC technology, and FiRPHASE processing, the NX 985-A ensures a dynamic and balanced sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum.
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The RCF NX 985-A is a versatile three-way active speaker meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding audio performance in various settings, including live performances, DJ sets, clubs, and rental applications. With an impressive maximum SPL of up to 138 dB, this speaker produces distortion-free sound with exceptional clarity and coverage.

Equipped with a powerful 2100W Class-D amplifier, the NX 985-A features RCF’s premium transducers, including a 1.75″ neodymium compression driver with a Peek diaphragm, an 8″ midrange driver with a 2.5″ voice coil, and a 15″ high-power woofer. This three-way design ensures a balanced and dynamic sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum, delivering articulate vocals, detailed midrange, and deep, punchy bass.

The innovative Bass Motion Control (BMC) technology enhances low-frequency performance by managing woofer excursion without the need for high-pass filters, resulting in extended bass response with improved linearity and sound integrity. Additionally, RCF’s FiRPHASE technology ensures coherent sound distribution without phase distortions, providing clear and accurate audio reproduction for all listeners.

Designed for versatility and durability, the NX 985-A features M10 rigging points for easy installation and rigging, as well as IP-rated PowerCON TRUE1 connectors for reliable power input in harsh environments. Its rugged all-plywood cabinet is built to withstand the rigors of touring and live performances, making it suitable for both portable and fixed installations.

Pairing the NX 985-A with the RCF SUB 8008-AS subwoofer creates a high-power four-way sound system capable of delivering earth-shaking bass and exceptional clarity across the entire frequency range, making it ideal for demanding applications.


  • Max SPL: Up to 138 dB
  • Amplifier Type: Class-D
  • Amplifier Power: 2100W
  • Frequency Response: 40-20000 Hz
  • Transducers: 1.75″ Neodymium Compression Driver, 8″ Midrange, 15″ Woofer
  • Coverage: 100° x 60°
  • Bass Motion Control (BMC): Yes
  • FiRPHASE Technology: Yes
  • Rigging Points: M10
  • Connectors: IP Rated PowerCON TRUE1 TOP IN/OUT
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch

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