RC 2946, Wall Mount Remote Control

RC 2946, Wall Mount Remote Control


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RC 2946, Wall Mount Remote Control

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The RCF RC 2946 is a wall-mount remote control designed for use with ZM 2124 and ZM 2100 master units. Featuring intuitive controls including zones activation buttons, master volume control, and AUX input selection with LEDs, this remote control provides convenient operation and control over audio systems. It also includes local MIC and LINE inputs with mix level control for added versatility.
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The RCF RC 2946 is a versatile wall-mount remote control engineered to complement ZM 2124 and ZM 2100 master units, offering intuitive control over audio systems in various settings. With zones activation and ALL ON buttons featuring LED indicators, users can easily enable the music bus in each zone and control the volume level with precision.

Equipped with a master volume control, the RC 2946 allows users to adjust the overall volume output, ensuring optimal audio levels throughout the designated zones. The AUX input selector with LEDs enables seamless switching between auxiliary input sources, providing flexibility and convenience in audio playback.

Additionally, the RC 2946 features local MIC and LINE inputs on its front panel, including an XLR socket for MIC input and a 1/8” jack for LINE input. With mix level control, users can blend the local music source with the main audio feed, allowing for customized audio setups tailored to specific preferences or requirements.

Installation of the RC 2946 is straightforward, requiring connection to the main unit via a CAT5 FTP cable with two RJ45 plugs. The included box can be securely mounted to the wall using suitable plugs (not included), and the RC 2946 remote control can then be affixed to the box using the provided screws, ensuring a stable and reliable setup.

Ideal for use in commercial establishments, public venues, and other audio playback environments, the RCF RC 2946 remote control offers seamless integration, intuitive operation, and versatile functionality to enhance the overall audio experience.


  • Compatible With: ZM 2124 and ZM 2100 master units
  • Control Features: Zones activation buttons, ALL ON buttons with LED indicators, master volume control, AUX input selector with LEDs
  • Input Ports: Local MIC input (XLR socket), LINE input (1/8” jack)
  • Connection: CAT5 FTP cable with two RJ45 plugs
  • Mounting: Wall-mountable with included box and screws

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