REKORDBOX DJ Plus Pack – DJ performance software

Available Oct 2015


Our latest rekordbox dj performance software gives you the flexibility to use a single rekordbox library to manage, prepare and perform your sets – no matter what hardware you prefer. Simply install this Plus Pack on top of the existing rekordbox music management software (free of charge) you’ve come to rely on.

rekordbox dj delivers the industry’s fastest software, giving you a stable performance whatever spec laptop you use. Plus it has the same indispensable functionality as rekordbox and a GUI that precisely mirrors the layout of our controllers, giving you instinctive and effortless control of all its features.

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    You can split the GUI into two screens – one for browsing and the other for the performance features – and toggle them using the space bar. You can even put one of the screens on a tablet computer.

  • PAD FX

    New Pad FX allow you to create multiple FX chains using all 16 pads.


    The software allows you to customise your sound colour FX and it gives plug-and-play access to 21 quantized Beat FX. Use the Release FX to exit complex effect patterns using a vinyl brake, echo or back spin.


    Record straight to the laptop during your performance.

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