TI-120TB, TI-240TB

TI-120TB & TI-240TB


1. Standard cabinet design (1U), and exquisite SMT process design.

2. With MP3/TUNER/BLUETOOTH, and the LCD screen can display the currently playing track.

3. With remote controller for MP3/TUNER/BLUETOOTH.

4. 1 channel EMC input, 2 channels AUX input, 4 channels MIC input.

5. The priority for input channel EMC> MIC1> MIC2, MIC3, AUX1, AUX2.

6. Can control volume for each input channel, and control the bass effect /treble effect/master volume for all channels.

7. MIC1-4 inputs are unbalanced .

8. With level indicator, overload and protection indicator.

9. This device has a good performance for short circuit, overload, overheating protection.

10. 2 kind output modes: constant voltage output 100V, 70V (non-bridging).

11. Efficient energy-saving switching power supply and energy-efficient design combination perfectly.

12. Touch control 5 zone function.

13. Optional DC 24V power supply.

5 Zone Mixer Amplifier with MP3/TUNER/BLUETOOTH TI-120TB/TI-240TB

Descriptions and Applications:

1. Mixer amplifier with MP3 / TUNER / Bluetooth.

2. Designed for background music broadcast at small supermarkets, shopping malls, leisure cafes and other small indoor venues.



Product Model T I -120 TB T I -240 TB
Cooling Forced cooling(half speed at 30℃-50℃;full speed at 50℃-70℃
Zone 5 Zone
C ross talk attenuation ≥50dB
AUX1、2 input :350mV/10KΩ Unbalanced RCA
Mute function MIC 1 has priority over MIC2-4,AUX1-2 audio input
P hantom power 48V( ± 2V)
THD ≤ 0.5%( at 1KHz,1/3 rated power )
S/N Ratio MIC1、2、3:66dB;AUX1、2:80dB
Frequency Response 8 0~16KHz(+1dB,-3dB)
Tone Bass :±10dB at 100Hz
Output Sensitivity &I mpedance MIX OUT:1000mV/470Ω Unbalanced RCA
Input Sensitivity & Impedance MIC1、2、3 、 4 input : 5mV/600Ω Unbalanced 6.3 mm Phone Jack
Rated Power Output 120W 240W
Speaker Output 70V, 100V
Protection short circuit, overload and overheating protection.
Power Supply ~220 -240 V / 50Hz OR ~ 11 0 -120 V /6 0Hz
Power Consumption 180 W 350 W
Dimension 484× 260 × 44 mm
Weight 4 . 3 Kg 4 . 8 Kg