DEC 6104, Expander Board

DEC 6104, Expander Board


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DEC 6104, Expander Board

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The RCF DEC 6104 board is a versatile expansion module designed for use with the FORUM 6000 conference system. Featuring support for up to 180 DMS 6410 microphone consoles, USB and RS 485 connectivity options, and a built-in anti-feedback processor, this expansion board enhances communication and collaboration in large-scale conference applications. Included FORUM 6000 control software provides intuitive management and control capabilities for seamless integration and customization.
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The RCF DEC 6104 board is a versatile expansion module designed to enhance the functionality of the RCF FORUM 6000 conference system. When installed into the DMU 6100 main unit, the DEC 6104 board unlocks a range of advanced features, making it ideal for large-scale conference applications.

With support for up to 180 DMS 6410 microphone consoles across 6 lines, the DEC 6104 board enables seamless communication and collaboration in multi-user environments. This expansion board also includes four line outputs, providing convenient connectivity for additional peripherals and devices.

Equipped with a USB port, the DEC 6104 board allows users to connect the conference system to a PC, facilitating easy configuration, monitoring, and control. Additionally, an RS 485 port is available as an alternative to the USB connection, enabling long-distance control of the system through the included FORUM 6000 control software.

One of the standout features of the DEC 6104 board is its built-in anti-feedback processor, which helps prevent feedback issues caused by factors such as loudspeakers being too close to microphones or high volume levels. This processor enhances the overall audio quality and ensures clear and uninterrupted communication during conferences and meetings.

Included with the DEC 6104 board is the FORUM 6000 control software (FSW 6000), which provides comprehensive management and control capabilities for the conference system. With intuitive interface and powerful functionality, the software allows users to customize settings, manage microphone consoles, and optimize audio performance with ease.

Overall, the RCF DEC 6104 board is a valuable addition to the FORUM 6000 conference system, offering enhanced connectivity, advanced audio processing, and intuitive control features for large-scale conference environments.


  • Supports up to 180 DMS 6410 microphone consoles on 6 lines
  • Four line outputs for additional connectivity
  • USB port for PC connection
  • RS 485 port for long-distance control
  • Built-in anti-feedback processor
  • Includes FORUM 6000 control software (FSW 6000)

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