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The Pioneer DJ Story

DJ Equipment/Application

Since we launched the world’s first flat-top CD DJ player in 1994, the CDJ-500, we’ve worked tirelessly to fulfill our motto of providing “surprise and excitement” to our customers.

In recent years, we’ve aimed to further improve our customers’ experiences by providing integrated value through a combination of hardware and software applications, including subscription services. This has drawn high praise for us from numerous DJs and partners around the globe. Also, with the increasing number of people who’ve started DJing at home as a hobby, we’re striving to provide a range of products for people of all ages and skill levels.

We’ll continue to innovate and contribute to a world where more customers can enjoy a lifetime of music through DJing.

Audio equipment

In 2002 we launched the HDJ-1000, our first model of DJ headphones. In 2011, we launched the SDJ Series of monitor speakers, and this product range – developed with the constant pursuit of maximizing the creativity and performance of DJs – is still favored by many customers around the world.

In 2013, we launched the XY Series of professional PA/SR speakers, contributing to our creation of a complete entertainment space that goes beyond DJ equipment. We will continue our efforts to offer new value that meets customer need through high-quality sound and technology.

Music production equipment

Based on the brand concept of “Inspiration Tools, where new sounds are generated one after another”, in 2016 we released the “SP-16” stand-alone sampler, the monophonic analog synthesizer “AS-1”, the multi-truck sequencer “SQUID” as well as the “TORAIZ” series with an intuitive workflow and high performance, which is widely used not only for music production in studios, but also for live performances.

In addition, we will strive to create new values that are unique to Alpha Theta and resonate with the sensibilities of artists.

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