MT 7308, Power Amplifier Manager

MT 7308, Power Amplifier Manager


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MT 7308, Power Amplifier Manager

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The RCF MT 7308 is a versatile power amplifiers manager unit designed for use with the DXT 7000 Voice Alarm system. With the capability to control up to 8 power amplifiers and manage multiple speaker lines across 8 zones, this unit ensures efficient and reliable performance in accordance with EN 54-16 norm. The included PC software allows for easy configuration, making it a convenient solution for a variety of applications.
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The RCF MT 7308 is an essential component of the DXT 7000 Voice Alarm system, offering comprehensive management of power amplifiers and speaker lines to ensure optimal performance in emergency voice alarm systems. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of EN 54-16 norm, this unit provides reliable control and monitoring capabilities for critical applications.

With the ability to manage up to 8 power amplifiers simultaneously, the MT 7308 enables seamless integration and operation of large-scale speaker systems across multiple zones. Each amplifier can deliver a maximum power of 500W, providing ample capacity to drive a variety of speaker configurations with precision and clarity.

The MT 7308 offers flexible zoning options, allowing users to configure and control up to 8 separate zones independently. This enables tailored audio distribution and management according to specific requirements, ensuring optimal coverage and intelligibility in diverse environments.

Configuration and setup of the MT 7308 are simplified with the included PC software, offering intuitive controls and parameters for seamless integration into existing systems. Users can easily adjust settings, monitor performance, and optimize functionality to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Ideal for use in commercial buildings, public facilities, educational institutions, and other environments where reliable emergency voice alarm systems are required, the RCF MT 7308 delivers exceptional performance and peace of mind.


  • Power Amplifiers Managed: Up to 8
  • Maximum Power per Amplifier: 500W
  • Zones Managed: Up to 8
  • Compliance: EN 54-16 Norm
  • Control Interface: PC Software
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with the DXT 7000 Voice Alarm system
  • Application: Emergency Voice Alarm Systems, Commercial Buildings, Public Facilities, Educational Institutions, etc.

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