TTS18-A II, Active High-Power Subwoofer

TTS18-A II, Active High-Power Subwoofer


Experience powerful and precise low-frequency reproduction with the RCF TTS 18-A II subwoofer. Featuring a high-performance 18" Hyper Vented woofer, 1400W RMS Class-D amplifier, and RDNet network capabilities, this compact subwoofer delivers immersive sound for a wide range of applications. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring innovative design elements, the TTS 18-A II offers unparalleled performance and reliability in a portable package.
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Elevate your sound experience with the RCF TTS 18-A II, a compact yet powerful subwoofer module designed for seamless integration with TT+ two-way systems. Featuring a high-performance 18″ Hyper Vented woofer with a 4″ voice coil, this subwoofer delivers exceptional low-frequency response with clarity and precision. With a frequency range spanning from 30 Hz to 400 Hz and a maximum SPL of 137 dB, the TTS 18-A II ensures immersive sound reproduction for a wide range of applications.

The amplifier section of the TTS 18-A II boasts a robust 1400W RMS SMPS Class-D amplifier with full DSP control and RDNet network capabilities. RDNet provides intuitive control and monitoring of every connected device, allowing users to adjust parameters, presets, and configurations for optimal performance. Whether you’re controlling a single subwoofer or managing an entire sound system, RDNet offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Crafted from high-quality Baltic Birch plywood with weatherproof treatments, the cabinet of the TTS 18-A II is built to withstand the rigors of live sound environments. The stackable and lightweight design makes setup and teardown quick and easy, while the polyurea coating ensures long-term durability. The detachable Kart kit facilitates transportation, allowing you to move the subwoofer with ease.

The innovative Hyper Vented design of the woofer ensures clean, punchy, and undistorted low-frequency reproduction. Composed of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and cellulose pulp, the cone is engineered for maximum robustness and rigidity, resulting in enhanced efficiency and performance. The unique Hyper Ventilation system minimizes power compression and maintains water resistance, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

With its integrated low-noise 32-bit DSP circuit, the TTS 18-A II offers precise control over volume, delay, presets, and advanced functions. The improved vented port design optimizes airflow for efficient and distortion-free performance, while the onboard RDNet Networked Management software provides comprehensive monitoring and configuration options.


  • Max SPL: 137 dB
  • Frequency Range: 30 Hz – 400 Hz
  • Transducer: 1 x 18″ Hyper Vented woofer, 4″ Voice Coil
  • Amplifier Type: 1400W RMS Class-D
  • DSP: Full DSP control with RDNet network capabilities
  • Cabinet Material: Baltic Birch plywood with weatherproof treatments
  • RDNet Integration: Yes
  • Mounting: M20 pole receptacle on top and side
  • Construction: Stackable, lightweight design with polyurea coating
  • Port Design: Improved vented port for efficient airflow and reduced distortion