ZM 2100, Preamplified Master Unit

ZM 2100, Preamplified Master Unit


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ZM 2100, Preamplified Master Unit

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Take control of your audio system with the RCF ZM 2100, the master unit of the ZM 2000 system. Featuring a preamplifier with 6 zone selections, dual-bus system architecture, and advanced connectivity options, the ZM 2100 offers unparalleled control and flexibility for large-scale installations.
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Elevate your audio system with the RCF ZM 2100, the master unit of the ZM 2000 system designed to provide comprehensive control and flexibility. With a preamplifier featuring 6 zone selections, the ZM 2100 offers advanced functionality without an internal amplifier, making it perfect for integration with external amplification systems.

Built on a dual-bus system architecture, the ZM 2100 enables seamless paging and music distribution across all zones. The first bus is dedicated to selective or all-call paging, while the second bus handles music distribution and other signals. Toggle buttons on each zone allow for easy control of the second bus, ensuring efficient management of audio playback.

The ZM 2100 is capable of linking up to 8 ZE 2200 zone expansions, providing expanded coverage and control for larger installations. With selectable inputs priority and a dedicated paging input for up to 6 BM 2006 units, the ZM 2100 offers unmatched versatility and performance.

In case of emergencies, the ZM 2100 features an emergency audio input, ensuring that critical announcements are heard loud and clear. Additionally, two external amplifier inputs and a selectable chime generator provide convenient connectivity options and enhanced functionality.

Complete with a dedicated wall mount remote control, the ZM 2100 puts powerful audio control at your fingertips. Whether you’re managing a commercial venue, educational institution, or corporate facility, the RCF ZM 2100 delivers reliable performance and exceptional flexibility for all your audio needs.


  • Dual-bus system architecture
  • Selectable inputs priority
  • Link up to 8 ZE 2200 zone expansions
  • 24 V DC secondary power supply
  • Dedicated paging input (up to 6 BM 2006)
  • Emergency audio input
  • 2 external amplifier inputs
  • Selectable chime generator
  • Dedicated wall mount remote control

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