Warranty Repair Terms and Conditions

For clarification:

  • “retailer” would be any Proaudio customer who sells product to an end-user.
  • “end-user” would be any person or company that uses product purchased from a retailer or directly from Proaudio.


All new Proaudio products have a limited ONE YEAR warranty from date of sale to the end-user.

The following terms, conditions and exceptions apply.

  1. Most Proaudio products have a total shelf life of five years during which a warranty will apply. This period is measured from the date of sale by Proaudio to the retailer until the cessation of the end-user’s warranty period. This means the retailer can keep a product for a maximum of four years from the date of Proaudio’s invoice and the end-user will receive a one-year warranty, which is a total of five years from the date of sale by Proaudio.

    The warranty period for the final year will be on a pro-rata basis. For example, if a retailer sells a product within four and a half years of purchase from Proaudio, the warranty period covered by Proaudio will be six months. Any additional warranty period offered to the end-user will need to be paid for by the retailer.

    The warranty from Proaudio will be null and void for any goods sold after 5 years and the warranty offered on the product will be paid for by the retailer.

    The warranty will be null and void if there is evidence that the retailer stored these items in sub-optimal conditions such as direct sunlight or in damp areas. This will be visible through conditions such as perished rubber, broken seals or drive belts, cracked or perished plastics, faded or water damaged packaging and similar indicators.

  2. All products with a built-in battery will only have a 2-year shelf-life, with one year being the retailer’s grace period to sell the products and the second year is the end-user’s warranty period.

  3. The following brands have extended warranties on their products:
    1. HK Audio has a five-year warranty period offered by HK Audio themselves. Proaudio will honour this. However, the five-year warranty period is only valid if the
      end-user registers the product within 30 days of purchase, by using HK Audio’s enclosed warranty registration card or the form provided on their website. The end-user will need to supply a copy of the email received from HK Audio confirming the five-year warranty registration before the warranty period will be honoured. Without this registration confirmation a standard one-year warranty period applies. For the first year of this warranty period, South African laws apply. For the balance of the warranty period the end-user will need to arrange the shipping to and from Proaudio’s service centre. The limitations on speaker warranties as laid out in clause D and clause F still applies to HK Audio products.

    2. RCF offer a three-year warranty period on their products. Proaudio will honour this. No registration is required through RCF’s website, but the end-user’s proof of purchase from the retailer is required. No warranty repairs will be done without this.

    3. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only and cannot be transferred. No second-hand products sold on to another end-user will be repaired under warranty. The limitations on warranties as laid out in clause D and clause F and elsewhere in this document apply to RCF products.

    4. Powersoft offer the following warranties on their products, which Proaudio will honour, provided the warranty claims adhere to Powersoft’s terms and conditions as laid out on their website, as well as the limitations on the warranty laid out in
      clause D and elsewhere in this document. This information regarding Powersoft’s warranty is available on the below link: https://www.powersoft.com/en/powersoft-factory-warranty-policy/

      Install Amps 48 months / 60 months*
      Touring Amps 48 months / 60 months*
      Deva System 12 months
      Amp Modules 12 months
      Moving-Magnet Transducers 12 months
      Further devices and accessories 12 months

      * The duration of Powersoft’s Factory Warranty period of the touring and install amps purchased from 22 February 2021 is extended to 60 months from the first invoice date of the product from Powersoft upon registration of the products within 30 days from the Customer’s date of purchase through the “My Powersoft” portal on the website. For the Factory Warranty validation, it is mandatory to upload, during the registration process, the purchasing invoice showing the product serial number and the purchasing date. This warranty is not transferable.

    5. a. All other brands dealt with by Proaudio carry a one-year warranty irrespective of what other distributors or manufacturers may offer in the various regions and markets around the world. The terms, conditions and exceptions laid out in this
      document apply to Proaudio’s one year warranty.

  4. The warranty on all products is null and void and Proaudio will not be responsible
    for damage or injury of any kind resulting from:

    • Electricity fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, faults in the building wiring,
      faulty installations, unstable or faulty generators and/or irregular supply of
    • Improper use of controls and/or failure to use the product in accordance with the
      operating instructions and/or general misuse and/or abuse and improper
    • Damage caused by a superior force (vis major).
    • Where the product has been infested with insects or pests.
    • The product is physically damaged after it left the store.
    • Natural wear and tear.
    • If water or liquid caused damage to the product.
    • If the warranty seal is tampered with.
    • If the serial number of the product has been removed, defaced, or in any other way
      rendered illegible.
    • § Any repair, attempted repair or tampering by an unauthorized person, the use of
      non-original parts, the use of original parts supplied by unauthorised agents,
      alterations or modification to the product and/or incorrect installation of the
      product, shall render the warranty null and void.

  5. Proaudio will not install or compensate for reinstallation of a replaced, repaired or repurchased product.

    Disassembly of the product from any fixtures or the removal of brackets from products is the responsibility of the end-user or retailer.

    Physical damages on a new product not reported within 5 days from purchase will not be considered for replacement or repair under warranty.

    Damage caused by abrasive and highly concentrated cleaners and/or cleaning materials or cleaners prohibited by the user manual, will void the warranty.

    After 6 (six) months from the date of purchase of a product, Proaudio’s liability under warranty is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the defective parts within the warranty period and does not extend to the installation or removal of the product.

  6. Proaudio will offer a limited warranty on goods on demo or display at a retailer’s premises which will be for one year from date of sale to the retailer. There will NOT be an additional one-year warranty period if the retailer sells this demo stock to an end-user. The warranty will not cover cosmetic damage, or damage to parts (such as knobs or faders) due to rough handling. All the provisions per clause D apply. The warranty will not cover any speakers on demo at a retailer’s premises.

  7. Speakers are not generally covered by the warranty. All speakers brought in for repair under warranty will be carefully inspected first. Only factory faults will be repaired under warranty. Speakers that have been over-driven or blown, through, but not limited to, misuse or power surges, will not be repaired under warranty.

    It is the retailer’s responsibility to explain how speakers can be over-driven to the end-user. Proaudio will not be held liable for misrepresentation of a product by the retailer’s salespeople. Proaudio staff are available during regular office hours to assist with any questions on the suitability of a product for a particular purpose and to provide training to the retailers’ sales staff should
    this be needed.

  8. If an end-user buys a second-hand product, either through a private reseller or any retailer that sells second-hand products, Proaudio will only be liable for the warranty if the proof of purchase to the original buyer from an authorised retailer is supplied. The warranty period will be one year from the date of the original sale.

    Proaudio will need a written confirmation from the original buyer that the unit was legitimately sold to the party claiming the warranty. This is to avoid dealing in any products that may have been stolen, misplaced or otherwise unlawfully obtained. Proaudio reserves the right to refuse to repair any second-hand product, whether in or out of warranty, if they are unable to establish provenance or do not have appropriate information to confirm the legitimacy of the second-hand product sale.

    The extended warranties offered by manufacturers applies to original owners only and will not apply to second hand goods sold by retailers or end-users.

    Any abuse per clause D applies and will nullify the warranty. Proaudio will in no way be held responsible for the physical condition of any second-hand product purchased by an end-user or retailer. Proaudio reserves the right to refuse to repair, under warranty, any second-hand product that has visible physical damage or has suffered any abuse, visible or otherwise. No second-hand speakers will be repaired under warranty.

  9. Proaudio may, from time to time, sell seconds, repaired or demo stock to both retailers and/or end-users. Any such stock will be clearly indicated on the invoice, including the warranty period granted. This will vary from six to twelve months depending on the type of product, its condition and the nature of the sale. At no time will Proaudio attempt to sell these as new products and will not be held responsible for any defects if these goods are sold on to an end-user by the retailer as new.

    The shelf-life on these products is limited to six months grace period whereinafter these goods need to be sold by the retailer to the end user. The warranty period stipulated on the Proaudio invoice will apply.

    The extended warranties offered by manufacturers will not apply to second hand goods sold unless stipulated in writing to the contrary.

  10. Proaudio may, from time to time, sell damaged or non-working stock as scrap. Any such stock will be clearly indicated on the invoice. There will be no warranty on these products and no expectation that these goods are repairable.

  11. Proaudio do not offer any extended warranties, aside from the brands and products mentioned in Clause C. Repairs for any product under an extended warranty promised or sold to an end-user by a retailer, must be paid for by the retailer.

  12. Proaudio will not provide any warranty for items that were brought into South Africa through parallel methods. This includes, but is not limited to, parallel or grey importers and resellers based in South Africa; online purchases made through international companies such as Amazon.com; and/or purchases made in person by people travelling abroad. Proaudio reserves the right to refuse to repair these items on a chargeable basis as well.

    Neither Proaudio, nor any of the brand owners that Proaudio represents, will be held responsible in any way for any loss, harm or damage caused by the purchase and use of products not imported and sold by Proaudio.

  13. In terms of the Consumer Protection Act of South Africa, all repairs will have a three-month warranty for the same fault. Any abuse per clause D and elsewhere in this document applies and will nullify this warranty.

  14. No warranty repair will be accepted without Proaudio’s invoice number and a copy of the end-user’s proof of purchase, which must be no older than one year.

    If the warranty is being claimed for a Proaudio sale done through Home of Living Brands, a copy of the Home of Living Brands invoice to Proaudio’s customer is required. The shelf life of all Home of Living Brands sales, as detailed in Clause A, expires 30 April 2024. No Proaudio products sold through Home of Living Brand will be repaired under warranty after that time.

  15. A service booking form must be completed and signed by all customers, accepting the additional terms and conditions set out therein. No repair, either as a warranty or a chargeable job, will be conducted without this. A separate booking form must be completed per repair item.

  16. Any warranty repair declined for whatever reason will be communicated to the customer submitting the repair, detailing the reasons for the rejection and providing the customer an option to accept the repair on a chargeable basis, if such a repair is possible. A full report for insurance purposes is available on request.


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