The Audio Technica AT6013A is a record cleaner designed to enhance the longevity of your vinyl records and styluses while improving your overall listening experience. With its dual-action cleaning mechanism, this record cleaner efficiently removes dust and contaminants from your records in a single pass.
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Dual-action cleaning: Two carbon-fiber brushes and a central velvet pad work together to collect dust and contaminants effectively.

Anti-static brush fibers: The brush fibers remain straight to ensure deep cleaning of the record grooves and reduce static buildup.

Prolongs record and stylus life: By removing dust and contaminants, the AT6013A helps extend the lifespan of your records and styluses.

Protective metal guard bracket: Includes a metal guard bracket to safeguard the brushes and pad when the cleaner is not in use.


  • Cleaning Mechanism: Dual-action cleaning with carbon-fiber brushes and a velvet pad
  • Anti-Static: Yes
  • Material: Carbon fiber brushes, velvet pad, metal guard bracket

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