EE21-VS – J-15 Ec Deluxe Acoustic + Hardcase, Vintage Sun

EE21-VS – J-15 Ec Deluxe Acoustic + Hardcase, Vintage Sun



Affordably Jumbo-size Your Acoustic Tone and Volume

The Epiphone AJ-210CE 6-string cutaway acoustic-electric guitar has a big, beautiful body that emits rich bass and bell-like treble tone with a clear midrange. It features a traditional western cutaway for easy access to the upper frets and is affordably priced, too. The AJ-210CE's select spruce top, mahogany neck, back, and sides, and rosewood fretboard are visually striking, musically pleasing, and easy to play. With authentic acoustic tone transmitted by its Shadow Performer tuner/preamp and NanoFlex under-saddle pickup, the AJ-210CE is an outstanding acoustic-electric value.

Select tonewoods for outstanding musicality

Spruce guitar tops are renowned for their bold, resonant projection and bright, musical sound. The Epiphone AJ-210CE brings you a select spruce top balanced by the rich, warm timbre of its mahogany back and sides. The mahogany neck is smoothly playable, and many Sweetwater guitarists appreciate the way the rosewood fretboard looks and feels.

Quality electronics yield authentic plugged-in acoustic tone

The AJ-210CE's Shadow Performer tuner gives you a 2-band EQ, a built-in tuner, volume and phase controls, as well as a convenient low-battery indicator light. And don't worry about plugging in your AJ-210CE and ruining your tone; the NanoFlex under-saddle pickup ensures that the beautiful resonance of the jumbo body will be faithfully sent along to your PA.
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  • Affordably priced, quality acoustic guitar that can be plugged in and heard in noisy live situations
  • Jumbo body offers rich, deep bass sounds and bell-like treble tones
  • Western cutaway gives you easy access to the upper frets for solos and capo use
  • Shadow Performer tuner/preamp has 2-band EQ, volume and phase controls, plus a built-in tuner
  • NanoFlex under-saddle pickup lets your guitar’s natural acoustic sounds shine through

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