The FL-B HDL 50 Flybar is designed for suspending RCF HDL 50-A and HDL 53-AS speaker modules. Complete with Pickup Tab, Stacking Bar, and Mounting Bracket, this flybar offers versatile mounting options and precise angle adjustments for professional audio installations.
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The FL-B HDL 50 Flybar is meticulously crafted to provide secure suspension for RCF HDL 50-A and HDL 53-AS speaker modules, ensuring unparalleled performance in professional audio setups. Constructed from durable materials, this flybar offers robust support for up to 20 modules, guaranteeing stability and reliability during installations.

The package includes essential accessories such as a Pickup Tab with Shackle, Stacking Bar, and Mounting Bracket for inclinometer, providing versatile mounting options and precise angle adjustments. With included pins for effortless assembly, this flybar streamlines the setup process while ensuring safety and durability for your audio system.


  • Compatible with: RCF HDL 50-A, HDL 53-AS speaker modules
  • Material: Durable construction
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Up to 20 modules
  • Package Includes: 1x FL-B HDL 50 Flybar, 1x Pickup Tab with Shackle, 1x Stacking Bar, 1x Mounting Bracket for inclinometer, Pins
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 126 mm / 4.96 inches
    • Width: 1200 mm / 47.24 inches
    • Depth: 790 mm / 31.1 inches
  • Weight: 51.2 kg / 112.88 lbs
  • Application: Ideal for professional audio installations, live performances, events

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