L5 112 XA

L5 112 XA



The LINEAR 5 112 XA is an active multifunctional speaker optimized for voice reproduction in the frequency range from 100 Hz upwards and therefore ideal for use as an active mid/high unit for high ranges. Since these applications do not require a high level of deep bass, HK Audio has cut down on cabinet volume in the design and developed a clever, compact multifunctional cabinet: Thanks to the slanted cabinet shape and the 60° x 40° CD horn for optimized, directional dispersion, the speaker also acts as an amazingly powerful stage monitor with low feedback. The professional standards are rounded off by the wooden cabinet, high-quality components and innovative technologies that make the LINEAR 5 from HK Audio the loudest speaker family in its class. The LINEAR 5 112 XA also proudly bears the label “Made in Germany”.
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  • Application: Mid/High Unit, Monitor
  • 1000 Watt Class-D (650 W 350 W, biamped)
  • 12′ Speaker with 2,5′ voice coil
  • 1′ Driver with 1,75′ voice coil
  • 135 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10% THD (halfspace)
  • CD Horn (60? x 40?) , rotatable
  • Rugged hybrid (birch multiplex /MDF) housing
  • 2 separate Inputs
  • EQ switch (Top / Monitor)

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