Thanks to its cabinet shape with integrated 30° slant, the LINEAR 7 112 XA active and network-compatible multifunctional speaker is also suitable for use as a transverse stage monitor. It offers a preset optimised for use as a monitor, which compensates for the overemphasis of the low frequencies caused by contact with the ground in transverse operation.
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  • For over 25 years, LINEAR speakers have represented the superior performance class within the HK Audio range. With their professional handling, precise resolution and high sound pressure reserves, they set the benchmark for what is possible in their class. The LINEAR 7 series is now taking a big step further: Powerful DSPs and advanced network intelligence not only provide more precise audio characteristics, but also a more efficient workflow and a whole host of additional power features.
  • LINEAR 7 is intentionally based on the look and the proven robust mechanics of the LINEAR 5 series, with specific enhancements to the cabinet details. Both technically and acoustically, the LINEAR 7 speaker family represents a completely new development. The latest generation of high-performance speakers and drivers, specially designed horns, high-impulse Pascal Class-D power amplifiers, FIR filtering and the latest, exceptionally high-performance DSP platform with high-resolution converters all make the LINEAR 7 family an acoustically precise tool for demanding applications.
  • Extended remote controlling
    Until recently, only the large touring system price category made it possible to control every mid/high unit, every bass and every stage monitor centrally from the FoH position. Now, with the LINEAR 7 range, this modern and highly efficient workflow can also be achieved in top-range professional point sound sources. Every single LINEAR 7 speaker on the network can be accessed centrally via Mac or PC, and its volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity can be controlled in detail.

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