The Turbosound NuQ115B-AN is a high-powered 15" front-loaded subwoofer designed for portable PA and installation applications. With 3000 Watts of Klark Teknik Class-D technology, advanced DSP control, and ULTRANET networking, it delivers powerful, clear bass in a compact and durable enclosure.
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The Turbosound NuQ115B-AN sets a new standard for subwoofer performance in portable PA and installation applications. Engineered for maximum impact and clarity, this front-loaded subwoofer combines advanced technology with rugged construction to deliver exceptional sound quality in any environment.

With its powerful 15″ double suspension low-frequency driver and bass reflex port design, the NuQ115B-AN delivers deep, punchy bass with low distortion and high definition. Whether used as a standalone subwoofer or part of a larger system, it provides the foundation for rich, immersive sound.

At the heart of the NuQ115B-AN is its 3000 Watt amplifier, powered by Klark Teknik Class-D technology. This high-efficiency amplifier ensures maximum power output with minimal heat dissipation, resulting in clear, dynamic sound reproduction even at high volumes.

The subwoofer features Klark Teknik Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for total system control. With a fully-featured user interface and LCD display, users can easily navigate and customize settings to suit their specific requirements. Additionally, PC remote control software is available for download at, allowing for convenient remote operation and monitoring.

The NuQ115B-AN is housed in a robust 18 mm (3/4″) birch plywood enclosure with a hard-wearing semi-matte black paint finish. Integral M10 rigging points facilitate easy installation, while a 35 mm pole mount allows for convenient mounting of satellite speakers.

With ULTRANET digital audio networking, the NuQ115B-AN can connect seamlessly to mixers and other sources, providing flexible signal routing and enhanced system integration. Additionally, mains input is provided via a Neutrik powerCON connector, ensuring reliable power connectivity in any setting.


  • Model: NuQ115B-AN
  • Configuration: Front loaded powered subwoofer
  • Power: 3000 Watts
  • Low Frequency Driver: 15″ double suspension
  • Enclosure Material: 18 mm (3/4″) birch plywood
  • Finish: Semi-matte black paint
  • Connectivity: Neutrik powerCON mains input connector
  • Networking: ULTRANET digital audio networking
  • DSP: Klark Teknik Digital Signal Processing
  • Mounting: Integral M10 rigging points, 35 mm pole mount
  • Applications: Portable PA, Installation

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