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The Sound Town PAC360-6 is a robust 360W 6-zone commercial power amplifier designed for versatile applications in environments such as restaurants, lounges, bars, schools, and warehouses. Rack mountable and capable of handling 70V, 100V, and 4-16 ohm speaker outputs, this unit features built-in Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio, along with dual mic inputs for comprehensive audio management across multiple zones.
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The Sound Town PAC360-6 is a high-performance 360-watt commercial power amplifier that serves as an essential solution for sound distribution across various environments like dining areas, educational facilities, and industrial settings. This 19″ rack-mountable unit is uniquely designed to handle 6 individual zones, making it perfect for large spaces requiring distinct audio zones such as restaurants, bars, pubs, schools, and warehouses.

Equipped with capabilities for 70-volt and 100-volt systems as well as 4 to 16-ohm configurations, the PAC360-6 offers flexibility for different audio setups. However, it’s important to note that 70V/100V and 8-ohm outputs cannot be used simultaneously. For instance, if you need to utilize 8-ohm speakers, they must be connected solely to the 4-16 ohms terminal without engaging the 70V/100V terminals.

The amplifier features an integrated clipping limiter to protect speakers and the amp itself from potential damage due to overheating or overloading, ensuring reliable operation under various conditions. Each of the 6 zones can be individually controlled up to 200 watts, with the total output not exceeding 360 watts to maintain efficiency and safety.

For connectivity, the PAC360-6 is well-equipped with three sets of RCA inputs, two microphone inputs with echo control, and additional inputs/outputs for Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, and RCA line. This variety allows seamless integration of multiple audio sources, ensuring that users can play music or announcements through different media easily. Each zone also has its own dedicated volume control, allowing for precise sound level adjustments.


  • Model: Sound Town PAC360-6
  • Type: Commercial Power Amplifier
  • Power Output: 360W RMS total; up to 200W per zone
  • Zones: 6-zone capability
  • Speaker Compatibility: 70V, 100V, 4-16 ohms (Note: 70V/100V and 8-Ohm cannot be used simultaneously)
  • Inputs: 3 x RCA stereo, 2 x mic with echo control
  • Outputs: Bluetooth, USB, FM radio, RCA line, 70V / 100V / 4~16-ohm speaker outputs
  • Features:
    • Clipping limiter for protection
    • Individual volume control for each zone
    • Rack mountable (19″ standard size)
  • Dimensions: Standard 19″ rack mount
  • Applications: Suitable for restaurants, bars, schools, warehouses, and more

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