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POLAR 8 combines outstanding audio performance with straightforward handling to provide users the easiest way to get the best sound. The compact system is extremely easy to transport and delivers perfect sound quality, even in confined spaces, making it the perfect partner for small stages, rehearsal rooms, seminar rooms and garden parties. Two POLAR 8s can be connected via Bluetooth TWS in audio streaming applications to form a fully-fledged stereo system.


The POLAR column system provides a complete, customised sound solution for discerning musicians, DJs, entertainers, business presentations, schools and churches.

Compared to other models in its class, POLAR stands out with its impressive sound experience right down to the lowest bass, as well as its extremely comprehensive range of features, including an integrated mixer and Bluetooth 5.


High-quality speaker components deliver exceptionally transparent, natural sound from the deepest lows to the finest highs. This guarantees an XXL sound experience in every scenario – from discreet background music during dinner to the energetic climax of the event.

The column element of the compact POLAR 8 features powerful 2.5″ neodymium speakers with a 1″ voice coil in a curved column arrangement. Together with the high-performance bass speaker in a metal-reinforced, low-resonance plastic enclosure and the 1,200 watt (peak power) Class-D power amplifier, the system offers powerful, uniform sound and superior power reserves.


With its wide 120° throw pattern and low feedback tendency, POLAR is ideal for positioning on stage or in the room. In many cases, there’s no need for another stage monitor at all. POLAR can be set up without the lower column segment, making it easy to adjust the height from which sound is emitted, for example when used on a raised stage. The gradually declining volume level ensures sound pressure that packs a punch on the dance floor, a pleasantly full sound in the front rows and a conversation-friendly reduced volume at the back of the room.

When positioned on the floor, POLAR’s subwoofer, spacer and mid/high unit combine to create the ideal vertical orientation for both standing and seated audiences. When set up on a stage, it can be positioned at the ideal height without the need for the spacer.


The built-in multichannel mixer provides plenty of connections for a range of application scenarios: two channels for microphone or line signals and an Aux channel for pre-recorded music.

All POLAR models receive audio streams wirelessly, with Bluetooth 5 providing greater range and a more reliable connection compared to previous Bluetooth versions. POLAR 8 also offers Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo), which allows two POLAR 8s to be operated as a true wireless stereo streaming system from a TWS-enabled smartphone.

POLAR 8 is extremely easy to use. The overall volume can be adjusted with an easily accessible Master volume control, while the Sub Level and Treble controls allow the overall sound to be adjusted to local conditions or personal taste.