PWK-215 – Passive Dual Speaker

PWK-215 – Passive Dual Speaker



The PowerWorks PWK-215 is a passive dual speaker system featuring two 15" plywood painted speakers, each equipped with a 3" voice coil and a 1.75" compression driver. With a total power handling of 1000 watts and two Speakon connectors for easy connectivity, this 2-way full-range speaker delivers robust and clear sound reproduction for a variety of applications.
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Experience powerful and immersive sound reinforcement with the PowerWorks PWK-215, a passive dual speaker system designed to deliver exceptional audio performance in a variety of settings. Featuring two 15″ plywood painted speakers, each equipped with a 3″ voice coil and a 1.75″ compression driver, the PWK-215 offers a total power handling of 1000 watts, making it suitable for both small and large venues.

The two-way full-range speaker design ensures accurate and balanced sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum, from deep lows to crisp highs. Whether used for live music performances, DJ sets, public address systems, or installations, the PWK-215 delivers clear and dynamic audio with impressive clarity and definition.

With two Speakon connectors, the PWK-215 provides easy connectivity to amplifiers or other audio equipment, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. The robust plywood construction and painted finish ensure durability and longevity, making the PWK-215 ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether used as standalone speakers or as part of a larger sound system, the PowerWorks PWK-215 passive dual speaker system delivers reliable and high-quality sound reinforcement for a wide range of applications, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.


  • Model: PWK-215
  • Type: Passive Dual Speaker
  • Speaker Type: 2-way full-range
  • Woofer Size: 15″
  • Voice Coil: 3″
  • Compression Driver: 1.75″
  • Power Handling: 1000 watts (500W per speaker)
  • Connectors: 2 Speakon
  • Cabinet Material: Plywood
  • Cabinet Surface: Painted

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