STAGE 4 88

STAGE 4 88



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STAGE 4 88


In stock


Elevate your musical performance with the Nord Stage 4 88, a groundbreaking stage keyboard featuring a fully weighted Triple Sensor keybed, aftertouch capabilities, and Physical Drawbars with LED indicators. With its intuitive panel design, comprehensive effect sections, and enhanced sound libraries, this instrument offers unmatched versatility and expressiveness for musicians of all levels. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Nord Stage 4 88 delivers exceptional control and flexibility for a truly immersive musical experience.
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Intuitive Panel Design:

Explore a redesigned panel layout with dedicated LED faders for each Layer, providing exceptional overview and flexibility when creating sounds and performing live.


Layer Scene:

Seamlessly switch between two different sound setups at the touch of a button, allowing for dynamic and expressive performances tailored to any musical situation.


Enhanced Piano Section:

Delve into an enhanced collection of Grands, Uprights, and Electric Pianos from the Nord Piano Library, featuring new features such as Dynamic Compression and Unison for added realism and expressiveness.


Powerful Synth Section:

Unleash your creativity with the Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine, boasting three independent Synth Layers, doubled sample memory, and extensive real-time controls for crafting unique and captivating sounds.


Authentic Organ Simulations:

Experience authentic simulations of B3 Tonewheel, Vox, Farfisa, and Pipe Organ models, with Physical Drawbars for optimal hands-on control and LED indicators for easy navigation.


Complete Effect Section:

Access a powerful new Effect section offering a complete setup of Effects for each Layer, including new variations for Modulation, Amp, Delay, and Reverb effects, as well as innovative effects like Pump and Spin.

  • Fully weighted Triple Sensor keybed spanning from A to C
  • Aftertouch capabilities for enhanced expressiveness
  • Physical Drawbars with LED indicators for intuitive control
  • Brand new panel design with dedicated LED faders for each Layer
  • Enhanced collection of Grands, Uprights, and Electric Pianos from the Nord Piano Library
  • Nord Wave 2 Synth Engine with Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM, and Wavetable
  • Award-winning simulations of B3 Tonewheel, Vox, Farfisa, and Pipe Organ models
  • Powerful Effect section with new Pump, Spin, and variations of Reverb, Delay, Amps, and Modulation effects

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