X1604BTU, Analogue Mixer

X1604BTU, Analogue Mixer


The PowerWorks X1604BTU mixer is engineered to deliver superior audio performance and versatility for a wide range of applications. With its advanced features and intuitive design, this mixer is the perfect solution for live sound reinforcement, recording studios, and multimedia presentations.
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  • Key Features:
    • 4 Mono Channels and 2 Sets of Stereo Channels: Accommodate various audio sources with flexibility and precision, ensuring optimal mixing capabilities for diverse setups.
    • High-Quality Microphone Inputs: Each mono channel features a low-noise balanced microphone input, providing exceptional clarity and fidelity for vocals and instruments.
    • Phantom Power: +48V phantom power is available on each microphone channel input, ensuring compatibility with condenser microphones and other professional audio equipment.
    • Attenuation Switch: Mono channels are equipped with a 26dB attenuation switch per channel, allowing for precise control over input levels to prevent distortion and optimize signal quality.
    • EQ Control: Mono channels feature a 4-band EQ, while stereo channels offer a 3-band EQ, enabling precise tonal shaping and customization for each input source.
    • Mute Switch: Each channel is equipped with a mute switch for quick and convenient signal management, allowing you to silence individual channels as needed.
    • Auxiliary Outputs: 2 sets of AUX auxiliary outputs and 1 set of FX auxiliary output provide versatile routing options for external effects processing and monitor mixes, enhancing your creative possibilities.
    • AUX Send Control: 2 groups of AUX send Pre self-locking press can be switched with channel faders, offering precise control over auxiliary sends on each channel for optimal sound shaping and customization.
    • High-Analysis Fader: Enjoy smooth and precise mixing with 60mm stroke high analysis faders, ensuring accurate level control and smooth transitions between audio sources.
    • Built-In DSP Effects: With 99 built-in DSP effects, add depth, dimension, and creativity to your mixes, elevating your audio productions to new heights.
    • Digital Display MP3: Navigate and play MP3 files effortlessly from USB drives, with additional recording capabilities for capturing performances with ease, and Bluetooth playback for seamless wireless streaming.
    • Graphic Equalizer: A 7-segment stereo graphic equalizer allows for fine-tuning of the overall sound output, ensuring optimal balance and clarity across the frequency spectrum.
    • Level Display: High-precision three-color electric screen and dual 12-segment flow level display output provide comprehensive visual feedback on signal levels, facilitating precise monitoring and control.
    • Monitor Output: LR Channel MONITOR output ensures accurate monitoring during live performances or recording sessions, providing critical feedback for optimal sound management and quality.
    • Built-In Switching Power Supply: The built-in switching power supply is suitable for 110V-220V AC power supply, offering reliable performance and compatibility in various environments.
  • Channels: 4 Mono Channels, 2 Sets of Stereo Channels
  • Microphone Inputs: Balanced, Low-Noise
  • Phantom Power: +48V (Per Microphone Channel)
  • Attenuation Switch: 26dB (Per Mono Channel)
  • EQ:
    • Mono Channels: 4-Band EQ
    • Stereo Channels: 3-Band EQ
  • Mute Switch: Yes (Each Channel)
  • Auxiliary Outputs:
    • AUX: 2 Sets
    • FX: 1 Set
  • AUX Send Control: 2 Groups, Pre-Self-Locking Press
  • Faders: 60mm Stroke High Analysis
  • DSP Effects: 99 Built-In Effects
  • MP3 Playback: Built-In Digital Display MP3 (U-DISK MP3 Input), Bluetooth Playback
  • Recording: One-Key Recording Function
  • Graphic Equalizer: 7-Segment Stereo Graphic Equalizer
  • Level Display: High-Precision Three-Color Electric Screen, Dual 12-Segment Flow Level Display Output
  • Monitor Output: LR Channel MONITOR Output
  • Power Supply: Built-In Switching Power Supply, Suitable for 110V-220V AC Power Supply

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