Discover the Future of DJing with AlphaTheta REKORDBOX 7

Discover the Future

of DJing

with AlphaTheta REKORDBOX 7

AlphaTheta Corporation has just unveiled the latest version of its acclaimed DJ software, REKORDBOX 7, available for both Mac and Windows. This major update brings a host of new features and enhancements designed to streamline your workflow, making everything from music management to live performance more intuitive and efficient.

A New Era of Music Management and Performance

REKORDBOX 7 introduces a completely redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) and browser, offering a range of new features to enhance your DJing experience. The new GUI and platform bring significant improvements in software performance, including a reduction of up to 56% in CPU processing load compared to the previous version, REKORDBOX 6. This means smoother operation and lower power consumption—up to 38% less during startup—allowing your laptop to run on battery power for longer periods.

The carefully considered GUI retains the best elements of REKORDBOX 6 while adding enhancements such as clearer grouping of controls and improved waveform visibility in both Dark and Light modes. These changes make it easier for DJs to focus on being creative, rather than getting bogged down in technical details.

Key Features of REKORDBOX 7

Upgraded Platform & Fresh GUI Design: The new design improves the overall user experience, making navigation and control more intuitive.

Vastly Improved Processing Load: With over a 50% increase in speed and a more CPU-friendly design, even older laptops can run the new features smoothly.

New Browsing System with Two Radar Functions: This feature enhances your ability to manage and find tracks, making set preparation more efficient.

Software Learning and Automation Tech: These advancements help automate routine tasks, allowing you to focus more on your performance.

REKORDBOX 7 also includes a handy search function in the preferences menu, enabling you to change hard-to-reach settings in seconds. Additionally, subscribers and hardware unlock users can now access a new dual-player view in export mode, featuring beat jump, auto gain, and 3-band EQ kill switches.

Enhanced Connectivity and Collaboration

One of the standout features of REKORDBOX 7 is the ability to use the software without being plugged into your AlphaTheta hardware. Simply link your profile with your registered hardware to access additional features. This flexibility allows you to prepare and manage your music library on the go.

Another exciting addition is the collaborative playlist function, which lets up to five DJs work together to build playlists for upcoming gigs. While there is no music sharing, users on the same streaming platforms can create and share playlists for future use, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among DJs.

Looking Ahead

While REKORDBOX 7 has made significant strides in improving workflow and performance, many users are eagerly awaiting more extensive stem separation functionality. Nonetheless, this latest version is a testament to AlphaTheta’s commitment to evolving REKORDBOX into a central component of the modern DJ ecosystem.


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