DU 31, Flush Mount Wall Speaker

DU 31, Flush Mount Wall Speaker


In stock

DU 31, Flush Mount Wall Speaker


In stock


The RCF DU 31 is a versatile two-way wall speaker designed for paging and background music in various installations. With adjustable power settings and wide coverage, it delivers clear audio reproduction in a sleek plastic body.
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Experience exceptional sound quality and versatility with the RCF DU 31, a two-way wall speaker engineered for a range of paging and background music applications. Boasting a flexible design and powerful performance, this speaker is an ideal choice for diverse installations.

Equipped with a 4″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter, the DU 31 delivers balanced audio reproduction across a frequency response range of 100 Hz to 17 kHz. Whether used in retail spaces, offices, or hospitality venues, it ensures clear and immersive sound for both announcements and music playback.

The DU 31 features a built-in transformer compatible with constant voltage systems, including 100 V, 70 V, and 25 V configurations. This allows for seamless integration into existing audio setups and facilitates easy parallel connection of multiple speakers to a constant impedance line.

With selectable power settings of 8 W, 4 W, and 2 W at 100 V, as well as an 8 W option at 25 V, the DU 31 offers flexibility to adapt to various acoustic environments and volume requirements. Its 180° angle of coverage ensures even sound distribution throughout the designated area.

Designed for durability and aesthetics, the DU 31 boasts a sleek plastic body in RAL 9002 white ivory, seamlessly blending into any decor scheme. Please note that the rear cover A1331 is not included and may be required for specific installation scenarios.

Enhance your audio experience with the RCF DU 31 wall speaker, combining superior sound quality, flexible design, and easy integration for a wide range of applications.


  • Power: 8-4-2 W (100 V) / 8 W (25 V)
  • Constant Voltage: 100 V, 70 V, 25 V
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 17 kHz
  • Angle of Coverage: 180°
  • Woofer: 4″
  • Tweeter: 1″
  • Construction Material: Plastic
  • Color: RAL 9002 White Ivory

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