Most powerful subwoofer in the LINEAR 5 MK II series with significantly more energy in the low-end range. PowerCon connections with link for easy cabling.
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Most powerful subwoofer in the LINEAR 5 MK II series with significantly more energy in the low-end range. PowerCon connections with link for easy cabling.

The LINEAR 5 MK II series not only gives professional performers and rental companies a reliable high-performance everyday tool – this state-of-the-art series, which has been redesigned from the ground up, features remote-controlled DSPs, more power and cardioid-capable subwoofers. With the sturdy wooden enclosureslarge selection of standard elements and extensive range of accessories, LINEAR 5 MK II is a powerful and innovative drive for all those who want to impress their audiences day after day. First-class sound and high performance made in Germany.

Established technology made better

The LINEAR 5 MK II series is the next logical step in the development of the popular LINEAR 5 series. With more power and weighing in at up to 3 kg lighter, featuring more compact dimensions and the added benefit of digital optimisation via the DSP CONTROL software, it takes day-to-day tasks to a whole new level. New series elements, such as the series’ own subwoofers and the LINEAR 5 MK II 110 XA and 115 XA full-range mid/high units, expand the already very extensive range of applications.

Rotatable horns with optimal dispersion angles for each mid/high unit make them ideal solutions for cluster setups or as stage monitors. Sturdy wooden enclosures ensure durability and investment protection. The wide range of accessories for transportation and weather protection, rigging and assembly make LINEAR 5 MK II a reliable workhorse.

The compact, horn-loaded LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA long-throw mid/high unit offers enormous sound depth, high flexibility and compatibility thanks to the DSP with FIR filter and DSP-Out.

DSP – Powerful and smart

The integrated high-performance DSPs allow tuning of the system with high precision. They provide increased usable sound pressure before distortion sets in and reduce the risk of feedback significantly.

Not only can the four matching presets be accessed directly at the loudspeaker cabinet, but also via Ethernet connection and the DSP CONTROL software for larger system set-ups on a Mac or PC and ad-hoc adjustements.

DSP OUT – more control and network capability

DSP Out offers complete control of non-network compatible active loudspeakers. In the DSP CONTROL Software, the signal at the input can be processed in all parameters completely indepedently of the speaker settings and directed to another speaker. The settings for the internal speaker as well as for the DSP Out can be stored as a common preset and easily recalled. The DSP Out gives full control over non-network-compatible speakers.

DSP Control – Everything under control at all times and everywhere

Having full control over the entire sound setup, even during the sound check and the show is something that some are already familiar with from large touring systems or the LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 series.

HK Audio DSP CONTROL allows remote control of all LINEAR 5 MK II components, from stage monitors to complete PA systems, via network and HK Audio’s proprietary DSP CONTROL software for Mac and PC. The features of the powerful DSPs, such as volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity, can thus be accessed directly from the FoH position at any time.

Components that do not have their own DSP technology can be connected to the DSP OUT on the LINEAR 5 MK II speakers and controlled remotely with the same ease. All of the speaker’s DSP functions are available to each DSP OUT, irrespective of and in addition to the DSP setup of the LINEAR 5 MK II speaker.

DSP CONTROL also offers the possibility to access functions such as equalizer, limiter, volume and mute bundled by Sub and Main Groups. This greatly simplifies the management of large speaker setups or multiple venues.

Virtual Units make it possible to create a setup in advance of an event even without connected loudspeakers. On site, the Virtual Units can then be conveniently replaced by the network-compatible loudspeakers of the LINEAR 5 MK II series at the click of a mouse.

NEW: DSP OUT Factory Presets- combine all LINEAR Series speakers perfectly with each other

You want to combine LINEAR 5 or LINEAR Sub Series with the new LINEAR 5 MK II, LINEAR 7 or LINEAR 9 speakers? The new Factory Presets for the DSP Out makes it very comfortable. Download the preset library, select the desired preset in the DSP CONTROL Software – done! All presets have been optimally adapted to the respective speaker combinations by the engineers at HK AUDIO. This guarantees the highest sound quality and operational reliability.

This means that with the help of the  DSP CONTROL software, speakers from the original LINEAR 5 series can continue to be used and controlled.

The DSP Out factory presets are available in the download area.

Max. SPL @ 10% THD 130 dB half space (36 Hz – 100 Hz averaged)
Max. SPL peak @ 10 % THD 131 dB half space
Frequency response +/-3 dB 36 Hz – X-over
Frequency response -10 dB 33 Hz – X-over
Power amp output (rms/peak) 1,500 / 3,000 W
Amp type Class D
LF driver 1x 18″, 4″ voice coil
Low-/mid speaker –
HF driver –
Horn directivity –
Active crossover frequency –
Maximum input level +20 dBu
Analog inputs 2x XLR combo balanced
Analog thru 2x XLR balanced
DSP Out 1x XLR balanced
Network port Ethercon RJ45, 1x In, 1x Thru
Filter presets Front, Cardioid 1:1 vertical, Cardioid 2:1 vertical, Remote
Remote software DSP CONTROL (Windows, Mac OS)
DSP functions Fully parametric 10-band EQ with variable filter characteristics, Low-Pass Filter, Polarity, Level, Delay, Limiter, Mute
Sample rate 48 kHz
System latency <= 2.6 ms
Mains connector 1x Powercon NAC3 In, 1x Powercon NAC3 Thru, 100–240 V
Power consuption 2.5 A / 100–240 V nominal according to EN 62368-1
Angels up (Monitor angle) –
Pole mount 1x M20
Rigging points –
Carrying handles 4x HK Audio MultiGrip
Housing Birch multiplex
Finish Black acrylic enamel
Front grille 2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam
Dimensions (WxHxD) 60 x 60,8 x79 cm 23-5/8 x 23-15/16 x 31-7/64″
Weight 56,8 kg / 125,22 lbs

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