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LINEAR 5 MK II Subwoofer

The standard bass-reflex subwoofers form the solid foundation of the new LINEAR 5 MK II systems with their uncompromising performance and dry, defined bass down to the lowest of the lows. Cardioid settings that can be simply selected via a preset give the user an enormously expanded range of options for system configuration and access to the professional class. 2.1 setups are simplified thanks to the stereo preamplifiers.

The LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA, with its high-performance 18-inch woofer and the most powerful  amplifier within the series, delivers very precise and powerful bass reproduction. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers outstanding low-end performance. The internal DSP is fully remote controllable via network using the free DSP CONTROL software. The integrated cardioid presets offer flexibility in many applications and save time when setting up.

Call for Price

As the most powerful subwoofer in the LINEAR 5 MK II series, the Sub HPA with its rigid, high-performance 18-inch woofer and its powerful 1500W RMS/3000W Peak amplifier offers significantly more energy in the low-end range than any other subwoofer in the series. This allows for a particularly precise and powerful bass reproduction with extremely compact dimensions. It is therefore not only a suitable basis for the LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA mid/high unit, but also a powerful low-end extension for other LINEAR 5 MK II systems.

The high-performance DSP with FIR filtering can be controlled remotely via network and allows extensive processing options and precise sound tuning with the free HK Audio DSP CONTROL software. Cardioid presets can be selected directly at the loudspeaker, allowing 1:1 and 2:1 cardioid setups in no time at all. PowerCon connections with PowerCon Link simplify cabling and save cable material.


  • Powerful subwoofer with intense bass reproduction in a very compact size.
  • Advanced high-performance DSP with FIR filtering and built-in cardioid presets selectable directly at the speaker
  • Precise and comprehensive sound tuning with HK Audio DSP CONTROL software for Mac and PC
  • DSP-Out for integration of non-DSP speakers. Also for combination with LINEAR models.
  • SMART CONNECTION with PowerCon and EtherCon, each with link
  • Protection of the electronics with RCS Rain Cover Set included in the scope of delivery
  • Robust, moisture-resistant and durable birch multiplex cabinet
  • Made in St. Wendel, Germany

Cardioid – Problem solver for professionals in any situation

Professional sound technicians respond to stringent sound insulation requirements, uncontrolled bass dispersion on and behind the stage and a high feedback risk in the lower frequency range with Cardioid technology for the subwoofers. This technical trick is now easily achieved without measurement technology: simply set up, select a preset, and you’re done!

The Cardioid setup attenuates the bass sound pressure of the physically spherically radiating subwoofers behind the subwoofers by up to 34 dB. There is a slight increase in sound pressure of approx. 2 dB in the front sound dispersion. This results in a directional, cardioid radiation pattern.

Cardioid sound reinforcement technology can be used with the LINEAR 5 MK II 115 Sub A and 118 Sub A with vertically stacked subwoofers and also with horizontal setups. This is a huge advantage on low stages. For larger vertical cardioid stacks with up to three subwoofers, the powerful LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA offers 1:1 and 2:1 cardioid presets.

Robust housings
Optimized for all application scenarios

The acoustic properties and stability of wood cannot be achieved with any other material in loudspeaker construction. That is why nearly all LINEAR 5 MK II components are built into wooden cabinets made of MDF and birch multiplex. The LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub A and the LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub HPA are completely made of birch multiplex. Despite the robust material, LINEAR 5 MK II is extremely compact and comparatively light.  MultiGrip handles ensure easy handling and, together with the optional tilt brackets, provide a secure hold in flight for the mid/high units.

For use as compact, powerful and low-feedback stage monitors, the housings of the LINEAR 5 MK II XA mid/high units are equipped with a 31° monitor slope and offer a safe and firm stand even when lying crosswise. The rotatable horns allow the dispersion angles to be optimally adjusted to the desired setup. The enclosures of the LINEAR 5 MK II FA full-range mid/high units provide more pressure and volume in the bass range.

Smaller, lighter, louder

LINEAR 5 MK II is smaller, lighter and louder than the LINEAR 5 series. With up to 3 kg less weight at the same sound pressure level, the LINEAR 5 MK II 112 XA is the loudest and lightest mid/high unit in its speaker class. LINEAR 5 MK II 308 LTA and HK Audio 118 Sub HPA work together to deliver long throws and powerful bass in compact dimensions.