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Discover the Nord Electro 6, the ultimate synthesis of vintage electro-mechanical and acoustic instruments in a compact and versatile package. With its seamless transitions, three independent sound sections, and refined user interface, the Electro 6 offers unparalleled flexibility and power for live performances and studio productions. Explore authentic organ simulations, a wide selection of pianos, high-quality samples, and a range of customizable effects, all housed within a portable and robust design. Choose your preferred keybed configuration and unlock limitless musical possibilities with the Nord Electro 6.
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Seamless Transitions:

Enjoy seamless sound transitions while changing programs or sounds during your performance.


Layer and Split Functionality:

Utilize three independent sound sections (Organ, Piano, and Sample Synth) simultaneously for layering or splitting sounds. The Split Point Crossfade feature ensures smooth transitions between split zones.

Refined Program Section:

Organize your programs effortlessly with the new streamlined Program section, offering Copy/Paste and Move functionality for quick arrangement. The Page View allows easy sorting and organization of pages as a song list.


Organ Section:

Experience authentic simulations of B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vintage Transistor Organs, Vox Continental, Farfisa Compact, and Pipe Organs. The Dual Organ mode provides quick access to dual manual setups, while Physical Drawbars (available on certain models) offer a hands-on organ-playing experience.

Piano Section:

Access a wide selection of acoustic, electric, and digital pianos from the Nord Piano Library, with extended voice polyphony and creative Piano Filters for sonic control. The Factory Bank features handpicked sounds for various musical styles.


Sample Synth Section:

Expand your sonic palette with high-quality sounds from the Nord Sample Library, now with extended memory and polyphony. The Sample Synth section offers essential controls for attack, decay/release, and dynamics, with the ability to create your own samples using the Nord Sample Editor software.


Effect Section:

Explore a range of high-quality stereo effects modeled after classic stomp boxes, including Tremolo, Wah, AutoWah, AutoPan, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Vibe, Amp Simulations, Compressor, EQ, Delay, and Reverb.

Monitor Input:

Connect a second Nord keyboard or any other audio source to play along with a track without the need for an external mixer or sound system.



Choose between the Hammer Action Portable (HP) keybed for weighted hammer action piano keys or the Semi Weighted Waterfall (SW) keybed for rapid organ shredding and synthesizer licks.

  • Seamless Transitions for smooth sound changes
  • 3-part multi-timbral capability
  • Split and Layer functionality with optional Split Point Crossfades
  • OLED Display for clear visibility
  • Organize Mode for quick program rearrangement
  • 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
  • Expanded memory (512 MB) for Nord Sample Library
  • Fatar keybed with different configurations available (Hammer Action Portable or Semi Weighted Waterfall)
  • Compatible with Nord Music Stand V2

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