Discover the Nord Wave 2 synthesizer, an innovative blend of performance features, advanced layering, and cutting-edge effects. Explore new sonic territories with its versatile oscillators, modulation options, and unique sound-shaping capabilities.
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Oscillator Section:
Explore a wide range of classic waveforms and wavetable synthesis options, including Formant Wavetables for unique acoustic qualities. Utilize the Noise generator and True Unison mode for thick, wide leads and basses.

Harness the power of two flexible LFO sections per slot and a versatile Modulation Envelope. Easily synchronize LFOs to the Master Clock and modulate the FX section for dynamic sound shaping.

Filter Section:
Experience classic filter emulations, including diode and transistor ladder filters from legendary synthesizers. The dedicated ADSR filter envelope and Filter Drive add depth and character to your sound.

Unique Features:
Take advantage of Impulse Morph buttons for instant tonal manipulation and Mod Wheel/Velocity Morph for expressive control. Layer up to four identical synthesizers for breathtaking sonic possibilities.

Effect Section:
Dive into dedicated effects sections for each slot, including FX, Delay, and Reverb. Experiment with Drive, Talk, Crush, Comb filter, and Compressor effects to add texture and depth to your sound.

Performance Tools:
Use the Arpeggiator with Poly mode and Patterns feature to create rhythmic textures and grooves. Explore the Mutator for automatic program generation and the Master Clock for precise tempo synchronization.
The Impulse Morph buttons. Up to 7 different combinations are possible.

Nord Sound Manager:
Seamlessly organize, backup, and transfer programs with the Nord Sound Manager application, available for Mac OSX and Windows.

  • Layering capabilities for rich, textured soundscapes
  • Pitch Stick for expressive note bending and vibrato effects
  • Chord Memory function for easy chord playing with one finger
  • Classic Arpeggiator with Up/Down and Random modes, synced to the Master Clock
  • Patterns feature for applying rhythmical figures to the Arpeggiator or LFO’s
  • Mutator for automatic program generation with adjustable style and strength
  • Nord Sound Manager application for easy program organization and transfer.